Find relevant publications focused on your disease research area using the Bioz-powered search tool

The publication search tool below leverages Bioz’s patented AI technology and sophisticated algorithms, accessing more than 31 million peer-reviewed journal articles, to help you identify: 1) genes underlying human disease and 2) the optimal Applied Biosystems TaqMan Assays that target those genes. The Bioz technology is dynamic and fast in nature and automatically updates the underlying scientific data to include the most recently published peer-reviewed articles.  Save time and effort finding related research and confirming your assay choice; all the information you need is just a click away.

Guide to using the search tool

  • Start by entering a disease research term.  Be as general (e.g., “cancer”) or as specific (e.g., “mature B-cell neoplasm”) as you see fit.
  • The results will serve up published research articles associated with your disease research term.
  • The snippets of text for each article will feature TaqMan Assay IDs used in that study.  Simply click on the highlighted assay ID and access full product details.
  • Results can be filtered by both Genes and Assay ID.

What are Bioz Stars?

Bioz Star scores guide you towards the best products and tools to purchase for your life science experiments, with the number of stars indicating the likelihood that a product will work well in your experiment. Products that have been used more frequently and more recently than other products, as documented in published articles, receive higher Bioz Star scores. By selecting products with the most stars, you will be increasing the likelihood that your experiments will be successful.

The stars are calculated using a sophisticated multi-parameter mathematical model, with all products and tools evaluated based on the same objective set of criteria.

Explore publications on human disease research area

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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