General Articles

Nuclease Characteristics
Description: A handy table of cleavage specificities, molecular weights, pH optima, and required cofactors for commonly used DNase and RNase enzymes.


Protocol for 3' End Labeling RNA
Description: A protocol for 3' end labeling RNA using T4 RNA ligase and [32P]pCp.

Protocol for 5' End Labeling RNA

Description: This protocol is for 5' end labeling RNA with T4 polynucleotide kinase (PNK).

RNA Structure/Function Protocols: Alkaline Hydrolysis, RNA Sequencing and RNA Structure Analyses with Nucleases
Description: How to use RNases A, T1 and V1 to provide information about the structure of an RNA molecule. Includes two protocols for preparing RNA "ladders" for analysis by gel electrophoresis.


Components and Levels Tested with RNaseAlert

Deciphering Nuclease Digestion Data
- TechNotes 9(2)
Description: Use RNases to define RNA structure

End Labeling RNA for Structural Analysis - TechNotes 9(4)
Description: Tips for radiolabeling your RNA on either the 5' or 3' end for subsequent nuclease digestion or footprinting analysis.

Products for RNA Structure/Function Analysis - TechNotes 8(5)
Description: Biochemical grade RNases and modified rNTPs for structural characterization of RNA