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Guides and Tools

Unique Stem Cell Clones Introduction

Phospho Flow Cytometry Tips and Tricks

Phospho Western Blots Tips and Tricks

Phospho Immunofluorescence Tips and Tricks

  • DailyCalcs Science Calculator: An app designed to calculate molarity, dilution, molecular weight, and more. Also includes a transfection calculator you can use to simplify transfection experimental setup.
Custom Services

Custom Antibody Production Service

Custom antibody services include competitively priced packages and purification options for antibody production, all supported by online tools for peptide design and project tracking. We provide complete support for all types and steps of antibody production—from peptide design, synthesis, and carrier protein conjugation to animal immunization, serum collection, hybridoma fusion, titer analysis, and final antibody purification. We also immunize with recombinant proteins or protein fragments provided by you (or expressed and purified in our lab using cDNAs from our extensive in-house genomic library) to generate antibodies in rabbits, chickens, goats, guinea pigs, mice, or rats. 

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Purification Service

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Purification Service

We offer versatile options for purification of monoclonal antibodies, including in vitro and in vivo ascites hybridoma production options. We also provide many service options for purifying the monoclonal antibodies that have been produced by these methods.