Many different approaches are utilized in the study of programmed cell death or apoptosis. Cell death cascades are complex and dynamic, underscoring the importance of a multi-parametric approach to assessment of apoptosis. Understanding the mechanisms of cell death and survival can represent a critical aspect of toxicological profiling and drug discovery.

Our range of apoptosis assays for flow cytometry offer you: 

  • Superior performance—highly sensitive assays to detect early to late events
  • Diverse selection—large number of assays to detect different parameters
  • Convenient—ready-to-use assays with validated flow cytometry protocols
  • Compatible—many fluorescent options for multiple laser excitation sources

Apoptosis assays selection guide

Annexin V conjugates, new ratiometric assays, monomeric cyanine dyes.

Caspase assays, PARP assays, antibodies for caspases.

JC-1 assays, membrane potential assays, transition pore assays.

DNA fragmentation, DNA condensation, TUNEL assay.

Our multiparametric apoptosis assay kits are designed to selectively differentiate apoptotic cells from living and necrotic cells in a single cell population.


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