TaqMan Assay

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Array Cards and Plates contain Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Gene Expression Assays dried down in 384-well TaqMan Array microfluidic cards and 96-well TaqMan Array plates, and OpenArray formats. These formats are suitable for gene expression screening and validation applications that require the analysis of tens to thousands of targets. Choose from a broad selection of content or design your own custom array cards or plates.

TaqMan flexible content panels

Applied Biosystems TaqMan flexible content panels offer an easy way to select and design a combination of assays in the format that matches your experiment. TaqMan flexible content panels can be configured to one of three formats—TaqMan Array Plates, TaqMan Array Cards or OpenArray Plates—and one of three species—human, mouse or rat. 

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Pre-configured (fixed content) TaqMan Array cards and plates

TaqMan Arrays are pre-configured with the most relevant TaqMan Gene Expression Assays that target relevant genes for specific biological pathways, processes, or diseases. Click below to explore our offering of preconfigured arrays.

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If your specific assays are not available as pre-configured TaqMan Arrays, you can configure your own custom TaqMan Arrays using the links below, or take advantage of the Custom Plating Service. Contact your local sales representative for further assistance.

Custom TaqMan Array cards and plates

Custom TaqMan Array cards and plates are flexible, affordable, and convenient for gene expression analysis screening of biological samples. TaqMan Assays can be configured into 384-well TaqMan Array microfluidic cards, or 96-well plates, using our easy ordering interface.

TaqMan Assays custom plating service

Need a custom TaqMan Array solution that includes customized TaqMan Gene Expression Assays, TaqMan™ SNP Genotyping Assays, TaqMan Copy Number Assays, TaqMan™ miRNA Assays, or combination assays? The TaqMan™ Custom Plating service provides TaqMan Assays in 96- or 384-well plates, or 384-well microfluidic cards configured to your specifications.

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Instrument compatibility table

Product format/ Instrument QuantStudio 3 QuantStudio 5 QuantStudio 6 QuantStudio 7 QuantStudio 12k Flex StepOne Plus 7500 7500Fast Viia7
96-well plate, standard * **    
96-well plate, Fast * **  
384-well plate   **      
Microfluidic cards (TaqMan Array card)            

* QuantStudio 3 comes with either a 96-well standard OR 96-well fast block
** QuantStudio 5 comes with either a 96-well standard, 96-well fast block OR 384-well block