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Thermo Scientific MabCaptureC™ affinity matrix is a high-performance Protein A chromatography resin, specifically designed to help improve the productivity and efficiency of your antibody purification process. Featuring high capacity and a highly cross-linked agarose backbone, the MabCaptureC™ resin is your Protein A resin of choice for efficient process-scale purification of monoclonal antibodies.

The Protein A resin from your trusted supplier

Upgrade your antibody purification process with a Protein A resin featuring:

  • High dynamic binding capacity
  • A highly cross-linked and uniform sized agarose bead (75 ± 10 µm) delivering excellent performance characteristics (Praesto™ Jetted Technology)
  • Excellent alkaline stability allowing for efficient cleaning and sanitization
  • A scalable Protein A resin, suitable for use in cGMP manufacturing processes
  • An in-house manufactured Protein A ligand, recombinantly expressed in yeast

For your process development requirements, the MabCaptureC resin is available in pre-packed format as MiniChrom™ columns and RoboColumn™ products.

MabCaptureC resin binding domains

Similar to native Protein A, the MabCaptureC™ ligand binds antibodies at the Fc-region of the IgG molecule (CH2-CH3 interface). Binding at the VH3 region of the IgG’s variable heavy domain (VH) can occur but will be molecule dependent.

The ligand shows high affinity towards IgG molecules of the IgG1, IgG2, and IgG4 subtype. Possible binding to VH3 domains could enable purification of a subpopulation of scFv’s (single-chain variable fragments) and VHH fragments containing these domains.

Overview of MabCaptureC resin IgG binding domains

MabCaptureC ligand

The MabCaptureC ligand is an engineered Protein A ligand resulting in high dynamic binding capacity and excellent alkaline stability. The in-house manufactured Protein A ligand is produced in yeast to ensure a non-animal derived production process.

The MabCaptureC ligand is recognized by the Cygnus Technologies Protein A ELISA kit, which can be used to quantify ligand leaching for regulatory purposes.

MabCaptureC resin performance

Dynamic binding capacity (DBC) of the MabCaptureC affinity matrix

The MabCaptureC resin demonstrates high binding capacity, also at increased residence times, allowing processing of high-titer feedstocks.

Alkaline stability of the MabCaptureC resin

The MabCaptureC resin demonstrates excellent alkaline stability allowing for efficient cleaning and sanitization.

Poster: Upgrade your monoclonal antibody purification workflow with a new source of Protein A resin

Interested to see more application-related data and how the MabCaptureC resin can upgrade your monoclonal antibody purification process?

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MabCaptureC affinity matrix for research use applications (RUO) is available here

Purification of antibody fragments and engineered antibody modalities

Working on engineered antibody modalities and antibody fragments where Protein A does not obtain the desired results? Check our CaptureSelect Antibody therapeutics resin portfolio designed to bind antibody-subdomain regions.

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