We have developed a unique portfolio of affinity resins to help you develop biosimilars, biobetters, and other types of recombinant proteins. These affinity resins can be used for clinical and commercial production.

CaptureSelect Affinity resin benefits:

  • High Selectivity─high purity in a single capture step, independent of feedstock
  • Mild elution conditions─retention of biological activity of target
  • Reduction of process steps─helps reduce costs, allows higher yields
  • Efficient clearance of impurities

In addition to affinity resins, we also offer product-specific ELISAs to measure any ligand potentially leaching from the column.

The graphic below depicts a typical workflow in which CaptureSelect resin can be used for a primary capture step for the efficient production of recombinant proteins.


CaptureSelect affinity matrices:

ProductTarget applicationsUniquenessRoboColumn™ format
CaptureSelect Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)Human follicle stimulating hormoneBinds only intact FSH due to alpha/beta chain epitope 
CaptureSelect Human AlbuminHuman serum albumin, albumin fusion proteinsMild elution conditions help to protect fusion partnerX
CaptureSelect hCGBinds to the alpha chain of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)Selective for hCG, with cross-binding to LH, FSH, and TSH 
CaptureSelect hGHBinds recombinant human Growth HormoneHigh yield and retained activity 
CaptureSelect Factor XHuman Factor X from plasma and recombinant sourcesBinds both Factor X and Factor Xa in the presence of calcium, offering mild elution at neutral pH using EDTA 
CaptureSelect tPAHuman tissue plasminogen activator (tPA)The only tPA affinity resin available on the market 
CaptureSelect TSHHuman Thyroid Stimulating HormoneSelective for TSH with no cross binding to hormones of the Gonadotropin family 
CaptureSelect C-tagXLBinds the short C-tag sequence E-P-E-A (glutamic acid - proline - glutamic acid – alanine) when this affinity tag is fused at the C-terminus of a target proteinOptimized to obtain high yields in protein purification 

Quantitate the yield of your proteins during the production process with our analytical columns or develop your own analytical assay with CaptureSelect Ligand Conjugates.

When your specific process needs cannot be met with current products, our custom chromatography services are available to build you a unique solution. For more information, please visit Custom Capabilities .

CaptureSelect Leakage ELISAs

Products incorporating CaptureSelect technology are used for clinical and commercial manufacturing of a variety of biologicals. To support these products, Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed product-specific Leakage ELISAs that can be used for routine quality analysis. Below is a list of Leakage ELISAs and their corresponding affinity resins.

ProductComplementing resin
CaptureSelect FSH Ligand Leakage ELISACaptureSelect Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Affinity Matrix
CaptureSelect HSA Ligand Leakage ELISACaptureSelect Human Albumin Affinity Matrix
CaptureSelect hGH Ligand Leakage ELISACaptureSelect hGH Affinity Matrix
CaptureSelect hCG Ligand Leakage ELISACaptureSelect hCG Affinity Matrix
CaptureSelect tPA Ligand Leakage ELISACaptureSelect tPA Affinity Matrix
CaptureSelect TSH Ligand Leakage ELISACaptureSelect TSH Affinity Matrix
CaptureSelect C-tagXL Ligand Leakage ELISACaptureSelect C-tagXL Affinity Matrix
CaptureSelect Factor X Ligand Leakage ELISACaptureSelect Factor X Affinity Matrix
CaptureSelect VII Select Leakage ELISA Kit VIISelect *
CaptureSelect VIII Select Leakage ELISA KitVIIISelect *
CaptureSelect IX Select Leakage ELISA KitIXSelect *
CaptureSelect GCSFSelect Leakage ELISA KitGCSFSelect *
CaptureSelect Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Select Leakage ELISA KitAlpha-1 Antitrypsin Select *

* Complementing resins are available through GE Healthcare Life Sciences

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