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The plasma industry has faced worldwide shortages due to limited sources. This puts pressure on the industry to innovate and increase process yields. 

To help overcome these challenges, we offer a comprehensive range of affinity chromatography solutions designed to help you achieve both high yield and purity in a single step.

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Affinity solutions for next-generation IVIG production

The Thermo Scientific CaptureSelect FcXP and POROS CaptureSelect FcXP Affinity Matrices are specifically designed for the purification of IgG directly from complex source materials, such as plasma.

Key benefits include:

  • Designed for time, cost, and energy savings: Helps eliminate complex steps
  • Preservation of IgG subclass distribution: FcXP binds to all human IgG subclasses
  • High purity purity and yield in a single step: Enabling a more efficient and robust process

        Diagram showing various subdomains of the CaptureSelect FcXP

CaptureSelect FcXP binds to the
CH3 domain of human Immunoglobulin G

Benefits of affinity chromatography for plasma products

The CaptureSelect affinity portfolio consists of multiple products and formats for initial capture of plasma-derived proteins. Our affinity resins reduce the number of purification steps required and help improve process efficiency. You can benefit from:

  • High selectivity—High purity in a single capture step, independent of feedstock
  • Mild elution conditions—Retention of biological activity of target
  • Efficient clearance of impurities

In addition we offer an affinity library of human plasma proteins and a collection of affinity ligands and resins available for testing.

CaptureSelect AAT-XL Affinity Matrix

Decorative image

Purify your Alpha-1 antitrypsin with ease using our CaptureSelect AAT-XL Affinity Matrix.

CaptureSelect Factor X Affinity Matrix

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This resin is specifically designed for the purification of human Factor X from plasma and recombinant sources.

CaptureSelect Human Albumin Affinity Matrix

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The high selectivity and yields made possible by using CaptureSelect Human Albumin Affinity Matrix enable a robust and efficient purification process with excellent purity obtained in one step.

POROS CaptureSelect C1-InhXL Affinity Matrix

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CaptureSelect C1-InhXL affinity ligand is highly selective for human C1-inhibitor and coupled to the high-performing POROS matrix, allowing for an efficient and scalable purification process.

Advance your plasma protein purification process with POROS chromatography resins

POROS ion exchange and HIC resins offer excellent efficiencies to remove critical process- and product-related impurities. Through its high-resolution, high-capacity, and flow rate independent performance, POROS chromatography resins help improve process throughput and flexibility.

POROS tolerates rigid cleaning regimes and, due to its rigid backbone, can be operated with high viscosity feedstocks as they may occur during plasma processing.

Visit our webpage for more information on our POROS solutions.

Chromatography solutions for plasma protein purification

Our custom ligand and chromatography resin services enable the development of innovative purification resins, providing a solution for challenging plasma processes.

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