Innovative solutions for downstream processing of vaccines

To support the manufacturing of vaccines, we offer a broad variety of innovative purification solutions to improve the downstream processing of various vaccine modalities, including protein subunits, Virus-like particles (VLPs), mRNA and viral vectors. To help you speed up the vaccine development process we offer a novel affinity tag solution allowing for rapid screening of vaccine candidates. Whatever vaccine modality you are working on, we are here to help you.

The technology of vaccine development has improved significantly, and new vaccine modalities are on the rise. The increasing diversity of novel vaccines requires development of unique purification solutions tailored towards each unique molecule type.

Live attenuated and inactivated virus

Viral vector

Virus-like particle (VLP)

Protein subunit



Easy vaccine candidate screening with C-tag

Ribbon diagram of a protein with the C-terminal E-P-E-A (glutamic acid–proline–glutamic acid–alanine) epitope tag

C-tag is a small C-terminal epitope tag which can be used for easy detection and purification of expressed proteins such as viral vectors, VLPs and recombinant proteins. The tag consists of 4 amino acids E-P-E-A (glutamic acid–proline–glutamic acid–alanine), therefore its potential effect on protein functionality and folding is negligible. C-tag limits the drawbacks of conventional tags such as lack of selectivity or heavy metal contamination when used for purification.

CaptureSelect C-tagXL affinity matrix has been specifically developed for the purification of C-tagged proteins through binding of the EPEA tag sequence. The use of affinity chromatography allows for fast and highly selective purification of any target possessing the C-tag, thereby enabling an efficient purification platform for your vaccine candidates.

Benefit from:

  • Unique selectivity for the 4-amino acid tag: E-P-E-A
  • High protein purity from a complex feedstock in a single capture step
  • Mild elution conditions, protecting the target molecule
  • A scalable and non-animal-derived affinity resin, which can be used in cGMP manufacturing processes
  • A range of pre-packed columns, enabling process development and preparative chromatography

C-tag resins and reagents

Cover page of article about affinity tags used for vaccine development and production

Simplify vaccine production with C-tag

Download this article and learn how C-tag is used in malaria vaccine production

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Peer-reviewed publications highlighting C-tag in vaccine research and development

Scalable affinity purification of mRNA-based vaccines

The rapid evolution of mRNA-based vaccines has led to a need for scalable purification solutions which can be used in commercial manufacturing. POROS Oligo (dT)25 affinity resin was developed to address the selectivity and capacity requirements for large-scale purification of mRNA constructs from in vitro transcription (IVT) processes.

Key benefits:

  • Simple mRNA purification from crude IVT mixture through adenine-thymine (AT) base pairing, thereby offering a platform solution for a wide range of mRNA construct sizes
  • Ease of use: load in NaCl and elute in water
  • High dynamic binding capacity and recovery
  • Excellent scalability, addressing the capacity requirements for large-scale vaccine manufacturing
  • Non-animal derived, suitable for cGMP manufacturing

Resins and reagents for mRNA purification

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Accelerate mRNA vaccine development

Watch this 15 minute webinar on efficient and scalable mRNA purification using affinity chromatography

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Baculovirus impurity removal using affinity chromatography

The baculovirus expression vector system is a versatile and robust eukaryotic expression system to produce recombinant proteins. This system has proven to be very efficient for protein-based and VLP-based vaccines, offering a favorable safety profile and delivering high production yields.

POROS CaptureSelect BacuClear Affinity Matrix is specifically designed for the removal of baculovirus impurities when using a baculovirus expression system. It is particularly useful when expressing VLPs, which can be similar in size and envelope structure to baculovirus, making discrimination and separation from the co-expressed baculovirus through common purification methods particularly challenging.

Benefit fromthe ease of use with a one-step specific removal of baculovirus impurities from the feedstock, using the resin in flow-through mode.

Bar chart showing virus-like particle recovery and baculovirus removal. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) image with four frames showing progressive reduction of impurities using BacuClear Affinity Matrix

Purification of viral vectors

We have developed a range of chromatography resins to support the downstream process of viral vectors such as Adeno-associated Virus (AAV), Adenovirus-5 (Adv5), and Lentivirus (LV).

Key benefits:

  • A unique affinity resin portfolio supporting efficient purification of viral vectors such as AAV and Adv5
  • High performance Anion Exchange resin POROS D50 offering excellent selectivity and recovery for Lentivirus particles
  • High dynamic binding capacity and excellent selectivity to address purity and productivity requirements
  • Available in a range of pre-packed columns, serving laboratory scale vector purification

Learn more on viral vector purification products ›

POROS Ion Exchange and Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography resins

The POROS Ion Exchange and Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography resins are widely adopted in commercial manufacturing processes of biotherapeutics, including vaccines. The resins offer high capacity and resolution, which can be maintained at high flow rates. The high resolution of POROS resins supports excellent separation of closely related product variants and product-related impurities. The high capacity and throughput help to simplify the development process and to decrease process times.

The Cation and Anion Exchange resins are designed for process-scale separations of biomolecules, such as viruses, recombinant proteins, and DNA. In addition, our Hydrophobic Interaction resins offer an efficient polish solution for various vaccine modalities, such as mRNA, DNA, recombinant proteins, and VLPs.

Custom resin development

When our off-the-shelf solutions cannot meet your needs, we can develop a custom resin designed specifically to solve your purification challenge. Our experienced team of scientists and engineers will design and build a resin for your unique application; suitable for cGMP manufacturing.

To arrange a technical meeting with our resin development scientists, simply submit your request for more information and our local technical sales specialist will follow up with you to understand your needs and determine next steps.

Find your resin by vaccine modality

Let us help you to select the right resin for your specific vaccine modality. Our technical experts are always available to assist you in making the right choice.

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