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miRNA mimics are small, chemically modified double-stranded RNAs that mimic endogenous miRNAs and enable miRNA functional analysis by up-regulation of miRNA activity.

miRNA inhibitors are small, chemically modified single-stranded RNA molecules designed to specifically bind to and inhibit endogenous miRNA molecules and enable miRNA functional analysis by down-regulation of miRNA activity.

We have now released the second generation of miRNA mimics & inhibitors:

  • Invitrogen™ mirVana™ miRNA Mimics, which are more specific than their predecessors due to inactivation of the star strand by proprietary chemical modifications.
  • Invitrogen™ mirVana™ miRNA Inhibitors, which are more potent than their predecessors.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Learn more about mirVana miRNA Mimics and Inhibitors

Note: Our first generation mimics & inhibitors, Invitrogen™ Anti-miR™ miRNA Inhibitors & Invitrogen™ Pre-miR™ miRNA Precursors, are still available for completing your ongoing in vitro miRNA studies, but for new studies or in vivo studies, we highly recommend our new mirVana miRNA Mimics & Inhibitors.

Catalog # Product Size
4464066mirVana™ miRNA Mimic5 nmol
4464067mirVana™ miRNA Mimic20 nmol
4464070mirVana™ miRNA Mimic250 nmol (In Vivo Ready)
4464084mirVana™ miRNA Inhibitor5 nmol
4464085mirVana™ miRNA Inhibitor20 nmol
4464088mirVana™ miRNA Inhibitor250 nmol (In Vivo Ready)

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