Glass Fiber membrane filter

Glass fiber filters have extremely low pressure drop, making them an excellent choice as a pre-filter for fluids that have a high viscosity and/or a high level of particulates. The high contaminant loading feature extends the life of the final downstream filter, improving your total cost of ownership. Target applications include salt, sugar, sera, tissue lysates, protein solutions, and environmental samples, like soil and ground water, where there is an elevated level of suspended or un-dissolved particles.

Pore size quick reference chart

0.65/0.8μm 0.45μm 0.2μm 0.1μm
Analysis of mold, fungi and yeast, stabilization of fermented product, clarification and prefiltration Analysis of bacteria, sterility testing, clarification and prefiltration

Sterilization, sterility testing, “final filtration”


Reduction of mycoplasma, ultracleaning

GF Membrane materials reference

Application Material properties Flow rate Throughput Extractables Autoclave Protein binding


Serial filtration

Hydrophilic Very high

Very high

Moderate to low

Yes Moderate

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Catalog # Pore size Volume Format  
DS0281-5000 ~1μm 1000mL Filter disc (50mm) Select
DS0281-75000 ~1μm 1000mL Filter disc (75mm) Select
DS0281-9000 ~1μm 1000mL Filter disc (90mm) Select
722-2000 ~1μm ≤200mL Syringe Filter Select