Polytetraflouroethylene Membrane Filters

PTFE membrane filters are naturally hydrophobic with excellent chemical resistance, making them the ideal choice for sterile venting of gases*, non-aqueous solvents, acids, and aggressive fluids.

* For aqueous solutions, PTFE must be pre-wetted with a solvent such as isopropyl alcohol or ethanol.

Pore size quick reference chart

0.65/0.8μm 0.45μm 0.2μm 0.1μm
Analysis of mold, fungi and yeast, stabilization of fermented product, clarification and prefiltration Analysis of bacteria, sterility testing, clarification and prefiltration

Sterilization, sterility testing, “final filtration”


Reduction of mycoplasma, ultracleaning

PFTE membrane materials reference

Application Material properties Flow rate Throughput Extractables Autoclave Protein binding
Solvent filtration
Gas filtration


High to very high High Very low Yes Very low

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Catalog # Pore Size Volume Format  
721-1320 0.2μm 1mL-15mL Syringe Filter Select
728-2020 0.2μm 10mL-100mL Syringe Filter Select
DS0222-0020 0.2μm ≤5000mL Syringe Filter Select
223-0030 0.2μm ≤10000mL Vent Filter/Capsule Filter Select
721-1345 0.45μm 1mL-15mL Syringe Filters Select
728-2045 0.45μm 10mL-100mL Syringe Filters Select
DS0222-0045 0.45μm ≤5000mL Syringe Filters Select