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Quick visualization, precise quantitation, single-probe detection or multiplexing — we offer a range of reagents, kits and instruments for western blot detection and analysis.

Manual vs. automated western blot processing

Probing a western blot prior to data visualization involves a series of manual steps, many of which are individually short but collectively require significant hands-on time. We offer instruments to automate some of these tasks, significantly decreasing hands-on time.

Graphic comparison between manual and automated western blot processing

Manual and automated procedures share three essential steps: blocking the membrane, probing with primary and secondary antibodies, and washing the membrane. The manual western blot processing workflow requires more than 10 hands-on steps and at least 4 hours before final detection can occur. Automated western blot processing using the Invitrogen Bandmate Automated Western Blot Processor or Invitrogen iBind or iBind Flex Western Device requires only a 15–30 minute setup time and no additional hands-on steps before you can move to final detection.

 iBind Western DeviceBandmate Automated Western Blot Processor
 iBind western DevicesBandmate Automated Western Blot Processor
TechnologySequential lateral flowProgrammable rocking system

1 mini blot (iBind) or up to 2 mini or 1 midi or 6 strips blots (iBind Flex)

Up to 4 mini blots or up to 2 midi blots

Required consumables

iBind Cards and iBind Solution

Reagent tubes
Antibody recoveryNoYes, Primary and Secondary
Programmable NoYes, up to 9 programs 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.