The study of membrane proteins, such as G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), can be challenging, due to the difficulty in preserving the correct conformation of the protein in isolation from its native environment, as well as establishing the right experimental conditions. We offer a portfolio of protein expression systems designed to deliver enriched, functional membrane proteins efficiently and reliably.

  • Increased membrane protein yields
  • Simplified workflows—no enzymatic or mechanical dissociation required
  • Scalability—simplified scale up without the need for multiple flasks
  • Versatility—multiple formats to suit a broad class of proteins

Additional products


Adherent culture

MembranePro Functional Protein Expression Kit

Suspension culture

Expi293 MembranePro Expression System

Typical total protein yield for ~30 mL reaction50–500 µg/mL>1 mg/mL
Other required components (to purchase separately)
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