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Quickly analyze 48-96 proteins Analyze post-translational protein modifications Excellent resolution for low MW Optimized resolution of active proteases Superior resolution of native proteins Convenient & simplified 2D electrophoresis
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  E-PAGE™ Gels Novex® IEF Gels Novex® Tricine Gels Novex® Zymogram Gels NativePAGE® Gels ZOOM® 2D Electrophoresis System
Applications Compatible with high-throughput systems Separate native proteins & study modificationsSeparation of low MW proteins & peptides Separation of proteases based on size & activityDetermine size & purity of native proteinsFractionate proteins before electrophoresis & MS
Separation range10–200 kDapl 3.5–6.8
pl 3.5–8.5
2–20 kDa10–220 kDa15–10,000 kDapH 3–12
Max sample volume/well20 µL (E-PAGE™ 48)
15 µL (E-PAGE™ 96)
20 µL25 µL20 µL25 µL140 µL (diluted)
Gel % available8% (E-PAGE™ 48)
6% (E-PAGE™ 96)
5%10%, 16%, 10–20%10% (with gelatin)
12% & 4–16% (with casein)
3–12%, 4–16%pH 3–10 NL, 3–10L, 4–7, 6–10, 9–12 (broad range)
pH 4.5–5.5, 5.3–6.3, 6.1–7.1 (narrow range)
Average run time14 min2.5 hr90 min90 min90 min30 min (1st dimension)
40 min (2nd dimension)
Shelf life6 months2 months1–2 months2 months6 months12 months
Gel dimensions13.5 x 10.8 cm, 3.7 mm thick8 x 8 cm, 1.0 mm thick8 x 8 cm, 1.0 mm thick8 x 8 cm, 1.0 mm thick8 x 8 cm, 1.0 mm thick7 cm strips, 0.5 cm thick