The simple and accurate HABA dye assay and fluorescent detection kits are used to measure the amount of biotin attached to proteins or other biomolecules following biotinylation. Now you can determine the molar ratio of biotin to labeled antibody molecule in an easy, efficient manner.

Choose the biotin quantitation kits or reagents for your experiment

Kit categoriesProductProduct namesProduct featuresDetection method
Fluorescence Biotin Quantitation Kit46610Fluorescence Biotin Quantitation Kit Fluorescent assay reagent and HABA dye for rapid and sensitive determination of biotinylation levels in labeled antibodies and other proteins with minimal sample quantitiesFluorescent
Pierce Biotin Quantitation Kit28005Pierce Biotin Quantitation KitA simple, colorimetric method for determining biotinylation efficiencyColorimetric
HABA Reagent28010HABAHABA dye reagent and biotinylated protein standard for convenient colorimetric determination of biotinylation levels in antibodies and other proteinsColorimetric