The Chip is the Machine™

Ion semiconductor sequencing making high-quality next-generation sequencing accessible for all.

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The Chip is the Machine™ and Ion Torrent™ directly benefits from four decades of exponential improvement in semiconductor technology. This enables our chips to scale in density for any research application—from small, targeted experiments to large genomes—all on a single platform. See how Ion Torrent Chips work.

With as little as 10 ng input DNA, the new Ion 314™, 316™, and 318™ Chips yield 99.99% consensus accuracy and up to a 50% increase in output over previous chips, in as little as 2 hours on the Ion PGM™ System.

For whole genome sequencing on the Ion Proton™ System, the Ion PI™ Chip enables the highest throughput with up to 10 Gb reads in 2–4 hours.

This unique combination of simplicity and easy scalability makes semiconductor sequencing an accessible next-generation sequencing solution for all researchers, from whole genome/transcriptome to small genome and small RNA sequencing applications.

Compare the data for Ion PGM™ and Ion PI™ Chips, and choose the chip that works best for your sequencing needs:

Ion PGM™ Chip

Run time



200 bp read

400 bp read

200 bp read

400 bp read

Ion 314™ Chip v2

2.3 hr

3.7 hr

30–50 Mb

60–100 Mb

Ion 316™ Chip v2

3.0 hr

4.9 hr

300–500 Mb

600 Mb–1 Gb

Ion 318™ Chip v2

4.4 hr

7.3 hr

600 Mb–1 Gb

1.2–2 Gb

Ion Proton™ Chip

Run time



200 bp read


200 bp read


Ion PI™ Chip

2–4 hr


Up to 10 Gb


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