Ion semiconductor sequencing makes high-quality next-generation sequencing accessible to all

Now, more laboratories can adopt powerful next-generation sequencing technology to get answers faster —with increased throughput, higher accuracy, and the simplest workflow from sample preparation through to data analysis. With the Ion Torrent™ Personal Genome Machine™ (PGM) System, human disease researchers can detect variants by targeted gene sequencing in cancer and genetic disorders, and microbiologists can easily type a bacteria or virus, or characterize novel microbes. Download microbial sequencing solutions.

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The Ion GeneStudio S5 Series sequencers offer a scalable platform, fast run times, and minimal hands-on time.

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Gene studio S5

Simplest & fastest* workflow

Single day workflow from sample to annotated variants for gene panel sequencing featuring Ion AmpliSeq™ target technology, Ion PGM™ System, and the automated Ion Chef™ System**.


Most accurate for multiple gene panels

Up to 100% sensitivity for multiple gene panels, with Torrent Suite™ software and an improved variant calling algorithm that provides high-quality consensus accuracy for SNP detection.


Cost to buy & run

Affordable sequencing with Ion PGM™ v2 chips that dramatically reduce cost per sample and the Ion PGM™ System that is a fraction of the cost of the alternative.

Simplest and fastest* workflow

The combination of Ion Torrent™ AmpliSeq™ target technology, an Ion PGM System, and fully automated template preparation from the upcoming Ion Chef™ System**, offers the simplest and fastest* workflow for gene panel sequencing. Get meaningful results in just half the time of the alternative, with highly multiplexed Ion AmpliSeq DNA panels, the walk away solution for preparing sequence-ready chips from libraries provided by the Ion Torrent™ Chef™ System, and faster sequencing on the Ion PGM System. From sample to results, there are no centrifugation steps, and half the pipetting steps and hands on time of the alternative NGS workflow.

The #1 selling benchtop sequencing solution just got better

Half the total time from samples to results


Ion AmpliSeq panels provide the power to perform deep sequencing without the time-consuming bioinformatic analysis associated with whole genome sequencing approaches.

Tania Tabone, Ph. D., Postdoctoral Fellow
Cancer Council Western Australia
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Western Australia

We selected the Ion PGM because we believe Ion AmpliSeq fits our needs. First of all, the custom design fits the demands from the clinical research market. Secondly, Ion AmpliSeq is very easy to use and it is very important to our technician who doesn’t have a lot of NGS experience. Third, the Ion PGM™ enables easy data analysis of the Ion AmpliSeq panels. Last but not least, Ion AmpliSeq is affordable and the price fits the clinical research market we are targeting.

Zhao WeiWei, Technical Director
Kingmed Diagnostics
Guangzhou, China

Most accurate for multiple gene panels

For gene panel sequencing what matters is confidently calling variants. Ion Torrent™ Suite™ software is an essential component of the gene panel sequencing solution. The new Torrent Suite software v3.6 features an improved variant caller optimized for Ion AmpliSeq Ready-to-use and Community panels, with easily tunable parameters and preset analysis modes for high or low stringency, and germline or somatic studies.


Various genetic tests have been moved to the Ion PGM System. Analysis of the data resulted in an experimental approach with a specificity of 99% and a maximum analytical sensitivity 99%, with a confidence of 99%. The reduction of hands-on time has released the technical laboratory staff to other aspects of running the laboratory.

Jose Carlos Machado, Ph.D.
Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology
Faculty of Medicine at the University of Porto
Principal Investigator and Translational Research


We used Ion AmpliSeq BRCA 1& 2 Panel design and Ion PGM to sequence 65 difficult samples and haven't missed any mutations, so our data shows Sanger sequencing sensitivity and homopolymous regions have been tackled.

Marcel Nelen, Ph.D.
Department of Human Genetics, Laboratory of Tumor Genetics
Radboud University, Nijmegen Medical Centre
The Netherlands

The catalog of human variation built by the 1000 Genomes Project finds that over 90% of normal human variation is due to single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs. SNPs dominate normal variation. The Cancer Genome Atlas generated a large dataset of tumor exome data spanning across 20 cancer types. In an analysis of the most common somatic mutations in the 20 most prevalent oncogenes across more than 4000 samples, we observed over 99% of oncogene variation was due to SNPs.

SNPs are best measured using a platform with the highest accuracy on substitution variants. A recent Nature Biotechnology paper (doi:10.1038/nbt.2522) showed that data generated on the Ion PGM System using the robust Ion PGM 200 base sequencing kits had the lowest substitution error rate of any benchtop sequencer.

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Lowest cost to buy & run

The second generation Ion chips enable more samples per chip, dramatically driving down the cost per sample. The throughput of the Ion Torrent™ 314™ and Ion Torrent™ 316™ v2 chips has increased 10 fold to 100 Mb and 1 Gb respectively, and the Ion Torrent™ 318™ Chip throughput has doubled to 2 Gb. For example, a typical 200 amplicon Ion AmpliSeq panel using barcoded samples on an Ion 318 Chip v2 can cost as low as $100 per sample.

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Previously we sequenced 3 clinical research samples of Ion AmpliSeq BRCA 1 & 2 per Ion 314 version 1 chips. With version 2 chips, we can increase that number to 5 samples per chip. Notably, we see more reads of the expected readlength and the quality of those complete reads are higher--all in all results point to better quality sequencing at higher run throughput.

José Luis Costa, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology
Porto, Portugal


From what we have seen with our initial studies using the new 318 chip, we reproducibly achieve very high loading coverage. Therefore, we expect to have consistently higher throughput that will enable us to barcode a larger number of samples than before, lowering our cost per sample.

Dag Harmsen, M.D., Professor
Head of Research Department of Periodontology
University Hospital Münster, Germany

Ion Torrent is transforming life sciences by making sequencing affordable for everyone. The Ion PGM System is available as a semi-automated system that is half the price of the alternative system.

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