Please read the policy and service coverage carefully before you submit the service request. If you need assistance locating the required items, please refer to the Installation and Licensing Guide.

Software Reinstall Request Form

Update to Reinstallation Policy and Service
(effective: December 15, 2008)

If you are using Vector NTI version 9 and newer, you can un-register a registered computer from your license by yourself. Here is how:

  1. Run License Manager, go to Applications;
  2. Write down License Code in case you need it for future reference;
  3. In License# field, type “unregister”, hit Apply button.


If you are not able to un-register a computer, e.g., the computer has been decommissioned, or the hard-drive has been re-formatted, you will fill out the Reinstallation Request Form to request our service to manually remove the computer from your license.

Depending on the status of the Advanced Support Contract you may or may not have with us, the service coverage is different.

  1. If you have a current Advanced Support contract with Invitrogen, this service is free of charge;
  2. Excluding versions 9 and older, if you do not have current Advanced Support contract, Invitrogen grants a one-time reinstallation service for the number of computers registered per your original purchase order;
  3. For versions 9 and older, we do not provide this service and any other supportive services. As a standard industry practice, we are only supporting the current version (v11) and one previous version (v10).


Please fill out this Reinstall Request form. We will contact you within a couple of business days to complete your reinstallation.


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