Next-generation sequencing has transformed gene expression profiling and other RNA expression analysis studies. With an increasing number of researchers employing next-generation sequencing, and with the evolution of sequencing platforms, it is essential to use robust and streamlined methods for sample preparation. The best next-generation sequencing data begin with optimal samples.

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RNA 测序

No matter which platform you choose to suit your needs, Life Technologies continues to support the evolving needs of this field with gold-standard instrumentation, innovative next-generation technology, optimized best-in-class reagents, consumables, analysis software, applications and world-class technical support.


Next-Generation (SOLiD)
Sequence right here, right now—minimizing wait time and costs for wasted reagents.
  Semiconductor (Ion Torrent) Sequencing
Sequence from your benchtop with Ion Torrent™ revolutionary "on-chip" technology.
Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing
The gold standard in sequencing and a fast, flexible platform for analysis.
Choose the correct technology for your specific RNA application.