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Do you want to separate ionic and hydrophobic analytes in a single run? Separate polar, nonpolar, and ionizable compounds in a single analysis and achieve baseline separation of challenging polar analytes without derivatizing using a mixed-mode HPLC column. The stationary phases of Thermo Scientific mixed-mode columns combine reversed phase, ion-exchange, and/or HILIC selectivity. This eliminates the need for column switching, ion-paring, and using columns in series. Easily optimize selectivity by adjusting mobile phase buffer concentration, pH, and solvent content to improve chromatographic separations and increase productivity.

Mixed-mode HPLC columns are well-suited for retaining ionic analytes, including pharmaceutical drugs and their counter ions. Mixed-mode liquid chromatography does not require the use of ion-pair reagents in the mobile phase, significantly improving mass spectrometry (MS) compatibility.

Acclaim Trinity P1 HPLC Columns

Cation-exchange, anion-exchange, and reversed phase selectivity

Acclaim Trinity P2 HPLC Columns

Cation-exchange, anion-exchange, and
HILIC selectivity

Acclaim Trinity Q1 HPLC Columns

Cation-exchange, anion-exchange, and reversed phase selectivity
Acclaim Trinity P1 HPLC ColumnsAcclaim Trinity P2 HPLC ColumnsAcclaim Trinity Q1 HPLC Columns
  • Simultaneous separation of polar analytes and their counter ions with high efficiency
  • Suitable for applications including:
    • APIs and counterions
    • Hydrophilic, monovalent ions
    • Small pharmaceuticals
  • Separation of multivalent cations or anions and pharmaceuticals
  • Suitable for applications including:
    • Multivalent ions and APIs
    • Hydrophilic ions
    • Zwitterions
    • Neutral sugars
  • Excellent separation of pharmaceuticals and their counter ions
  • Suitable for applications including:
    • Herbicides – diquat and paraquat
    • Pharmaceutical QC


Acclaim Mixed-Mode WAX-1 HPLC Columns

Reversed phase and anion-exchange selectivity

Acclaim Mixed-Mode WCX-1 HPLC Columns

Reversed phase and cation-exchange selectivity

Acclaim Mixed-Mode HILIC-1 HPLC Columns

Reversed phase and HILIC selectivity
Acclaim Mixed-Mode WAX-1 HPLC ColumnsAcclaim Mixed-Mode WCX-1 HPLC ColumnsAcclaim Mixed-Mode HILIC-1 HPLC Columns
  • Hydrophobic alkyl chain with an anion terminus
  • Powerful selectivity for the separation of difficult mixtures of neutral and anionic analytes
  • Suitable for applications including:
    • Acids/organic acids
    • Hydrophobic cations
    • Hydrophilic anions
    • Peptides
    • Fat-soluble vitamins
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hydrophobic alkyl chain with a carboxyl terminus
  • Powerful selectivity for the separation of difficult mixtures of hydrophobic acids andneutral and cationic analytes
  • Suitable for applications including
    • Hydrophilic cations
    • Hydrophobic anions
    • Bases /Basic pharmaceuticals
    • Aminophenols
  • Hydrophobic alkyl chain with a diol group at the terminus
  • Provides adjustable selectivity for both polar and nonpolar molecules
  • Suitable for applications including:
    • Highly polar molecules
    • Ethoxylated nonionic surfactants
    • PEGS

Both our Thermo Scientific Acclaim Trinity column line and Thermo Scientific Acclaim Mixed-Mode column line are compatible with the Thermo Scientific Acclaim guard holder and coupler.


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