Selectivity at your fingertips

Selectivity at your fingertips

Need to maximize your productivity and flexibility in method development? Thermo Scientific reversed phase LC columns are available in an array of chemistries to optimize separations and provide enhanced retention or changes in elution order. Reversed phase columns are one of the most popular modes in HPLC analysis.

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Popular reversed phase HPLC columns
Reversed phase HPLC column categories

Want a C18 column that's right for your application? These C18 columns are available with a range of characteristics to provide exceptional performance for a wide variety of applications.

Having trouble resolving your compounds using your C18 column? Accucore Biphenyl LC column is your solution for aromatic & moderately polar analytes, with ability to resolve isomeric compounds, such as drugs of abuse and steroids.

Need similar selectivity to C18 and C8 columns but less retention? This column provides outstanding sensitivity and high efficiency; and its shorter chain length and lower hydrophobicity make it useful for hydrophobic polypeptides and proteins.

Separating analytes of medium hydrophobicity, or need less retention with similar selectivity to C18? These C8 columns are ideal when you need a less hydrophobic phase for adequate retention.

Need alternative retention and selectivity to C18 columns for aromatic analytes? Phenyl columns' superior chromatographic performance and moderate hydrophobicity make them ideal for the separation of analyte mixtures with varying polarity and aromaticity.

Have a straightforward separation? C1 columns are the least retentive of all alkyl group bonded phases and should be used to separate non-polar solutes using non-demanding methods. They are also used to separate moderately polar and multi-functional compounds.

Trying to separate aromatic isomers or halogenated compounds? PFP columns offer alternative selectivity to C18 and are well suited to the selective analysis of halogenated and polar compounds containing hydroxyl, carboxyl, nitro, or other polar groups.

Want high shape selectivity for hydrophobic, long chain or structurally related isomers such as carotenoids and steroids? C30 columns' complementary selectivity to C18 columns make them an excellent alternative to normal phase columns for lipid analysis.

Don't get the desired separation using C18 columns? These polar embedded stationary phases offer alternative selectivity and can be operated over a wider range of conditions than is possible with conventional RP stationary phases.

Need to retain polar compounds or use 100% aqueous mobile phase? These polar endcapped C18 columns provide a controlled interaction mechanism by which polar analytes can be retained and exhibit superior stability towards highly aqueous mobile phase.

Do you need an alternative column for problem separations? This column is ideal for reversed phase and normal phase “problem” separations for HPLC and LC-MS applications.

Need alternative retention and selectivity to C18 columns for aromatic analytes? Phenyl columns possess moderate hydrophobicity, making them ideal for the separation of analyte mixtures with varying polarity and aromaticity.

Need to verify your method and don’t know which column is best? Order one of these three-column kits to verify optimum selectivity and to achieve fast, high-resolution separations as well.

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