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Within the Antibodies Learning Center, the Resource Library is where you can connect to all our different educational, technical, application, and other learning materials by resource collection. This includes charts for cellular signaling pathways, application notes and methods.

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Antibody Application Testing Protocols

Invitrogen antibodies are rigorously tested to validate their performance within a given application. Learn more about the protocols typically performed when validating Invitrogen antibody performance for a particular application.

Cell Signaling Pathways

Study visual maps that illustrate and summarize nearly 50 cell signaling pathways. Select from a list of all pathways or browse for pathways by area of biology. Each pathway includes links to find antibodies to the specific protein targets featured there.

Antibodies learning resources

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HandbookAntibody-Based Tools for Evaluating Tumor-Related Inflammation (2016)
HandbookAntibody-Based Tools for Neurodegenerative Disease Research (2015)
HandbookAntibodies for Stem Cell Research (2015)
PathwaysCell Signaling Pathways (visual maps and antibody target search)
Methods articleAntibody Methods Library
Methods articleIntroduction to Immunoglobulins
Methods articleIntroduction to Antibody Production and Purification
Methods articleAntibody Production (Immunogen Preparation)
Methods articleAntibody Isotyping and Characterization Methods
Methods articleAntibody Purification Methods
Methods articleAntibody Fragmentation
Methods articleImmunoglobulin Structure and Classes
Methods articleAntibody Labeling and Immobilization Sites
Methods articleAntibody IgG Binding Proteins
Methods articleProtein Methods Library
Methods articleAn Overview of Detection Probes
Methods articleSecondary Antibodies as Probes
Methods articleEnzyme Probes
Methods articleAvidin-Biotin Interaction
Methods articleFluorescent Probes
Methods articlePeptide Design
Methods articlePeptide Synthesis
Methods articleAmino Acid Physical Properties
Methods articleSecondary Antibody Cross-Adsorption and Cross Reactivity
Selection guidePrimary Antibodies (Selection Tool)
Selection guideGuide to Primary Antibody Types
Selection guideSecondary Antibodies (Selection Tool)
Selection guideHow to Choose and Select a Secondary Antibody
Selection guideImmunoassays (Selection Guide)
Selection guideFind ELISA Kits by Target (Selection Guide)
Application noteProtein Biology Application Notes
Application noteAntibody Application Notes
Application noteCharacterization of antibody specificity using immunoprecipitation and mass spectrometry (IP-MS antibody validation)
Application noteA step-by-step guide to successful chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays and antibody selection
Application noteABfinity rabbit monoclonal antibodies white paper
Application noteCarrier protein activation and conjugation data for immunogen preparation. Experiments with KLH variants and other immunogens to validate solubility, maleimide activation consistency, peptide conjugation efficiency and immunogenicity
Application noteUsing antibody-binding proteins for antibody purification. Choose a format based on the specific application and scale ›