Cell Lysis and Preservation Solutions

When analyzing leukocytes by flow cytometry, efficient cell lysis of erythrocytes from whole blood samples must performed prior to analysis. We offer Cal-Lyse premixed lysis solution for erythrocyte lysing for flow cytometry and other applications.

Cal-Lyse and High-Yield Lysis Solutions

Cal-Lyse premixed lysis solution is specifically formulated to lyse erythrocytes following monoclonal antibody staining of whole blood or bone marrow. Treatment with this reagent leads to both the lysis of red blood cells and the fixation of white cells. Treatment does not affect fluorophore-labeled antibodies bound to leukocytes, and leaves morphological scatter characteristics of leukocytes intact.

High-Yield Lyse is a premixed, fixative-free erythrocyte-lysis solution that can be used to help eliminate red cells from whole blood for flow cytometric analysis with minimal loss of rare blood cell populations. Using this reagent, lysis of erythrocytes is performed immediately following staining of the blood samples with fluorophore-conjugated monoclonal antibodies; there is no need for a wash step.

Cal-Lyse reagent selection guide

Product Class Quantity Cat. No.
Cal-Lyse RBC Lysis Solution
25 mL
Cal-Lyse RBC Lysis Solution
100 mL
High-Yield Lyse
 500 mLHYL250
*IVD = in vitro diagnostics; GPR = general purpose reagent


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