Performance simplified at every turn

Our centrifuges for bioprocessing are designed for separation and purification processes that require high quality with run-to-run reproducibility and traceability, ranging from R&D scale to large scale production of: 

• Biologics 

• Vaccines

• Biofuels 

• Cell therapies

• Veterinary medicines 

• Recombinant proteins 

• Raw materials

Featured bioprocessing centrifuges

Improve the productivity and performance of your separation and purification methods with the Sorvall BIOS 16 bioprocessing centrifuge. With an enhanced capacity of up to 16 Liters of sample volume, a compact footprint and innovative features to simplify operations, maximizing productivity and efficiency is simplified. 


Eliminate imbalances and ensure reproducible results. Offering speed and flexibility for reliable separations—all in a compact footprint. 

From batch to continuous processing—and facilitating quantities ranging from process development to production scale, our centrifuges provide innovative, easy-to-use features that help to ensure processing safety, quality control and traceability for GMP compliance.


Featured centrifuges for bioprocessing videos