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Maximize your upstream and downstream productivity through enhanced harvest and purification techniques. Our centrifuges for bioprocessing are designed for high quality, run-to-run reproducibility and traceability for all of your bioseparation needs, ranging from R&D scale to large scale production of:

  • Biologics
  • Recombinant protein
  • Vaccines
  • Cell therapies
  • Veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • Biofuels
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Featured bioprocessing centrifuges

Move seamlessly through the scale-up process and achieve more cost-effective bioproduction with our new suite of centrifugation solutions developed for today’s cell therapies and the production of novel proteins, antibodies and vaccines.

Expand your batch production capacity and cell recovery without capital investment.

Capacity: 16L (8x2000mL bottles)
Max Speed: 5,400rpm
Max RCF: 8,500 xg
Cell Types: Mammalian, yeast, bacteria

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Capacity for Success ›



Fast and efficient separation of cell cultures from bioreactors or other sources, at high g-forces, while simplifying productivity, safety and reliability.

Capacity: 6L (6x1000mL bottles)
Max Speed: 9,000rpm
Max RCF: 17,568 xg
Cell Types:  Bacteria, yeast, proteins

Purify large-value samples such as vaccines.


Capacity:  3.2L max sediment continuous flow
Max Speed: 40,000rpm
Max RCF: 118,000 xg
Cell Types: Virus, proteins

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Application Note: Influenza Virus Purification ›

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Improve the productivity and performance of your separation and purification methods with the Sorvall BIOS 16 bioprocessing centrifuge. With an enhanced capacity of up to 16 Liters of sample volume, a compact footprint and innovative features to simplify operations, maximizing productivity and efficiency is simplified.

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Flexible scalability in bioprocessing
Eliminate imbalances and ensure reproducible results. Offering speed and flexibility for reliable separations—all in a compact footprint.

  • Time savings of up to 80% over standard batch centrifugation for improved efficiency
  • Speeds of up to 25,000 xg for a wide range of applications
  • Quiet operation limits laboratory noise levels

Featured article

Capacity for Success

There is hardly an area in pharma that has not been affected by tightening regulations and the need to keep costs low and productivity high. The bioproduction sector is now beginning to recognize these requirements, and has started to update their technology accordingly.

Centrifugation is a powerful tool, playing a critical part in the harvesting, separation and purification procedures of the bioprocessing workflow.

This article is taken from European Biopharmaceutical Review January 2017, pages 50-54. © Samedan Ltd

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Perfect your cell culture processes at every stage, from research and process development to large-scale biomanufacturing.

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From expression development through downstream purification and final product testing, we are helping to set new manufacturing standards in product quality, safety and fast-to-market efficiency.

From batch to continuous processing, process development to production scale.