Nucleic Acid Stains—Section 8.1

  • Properties of Cyanine Dyes
  • Premier Cyanine Dyes for Ultrasensitive Nucleic Acid Detection and Quantitation
  • Cell-Impermeant Cyanine Dimers: The TOTO Family of Dyes
  • Cell-Impermeant Cyanine Monomers: The TO-PRO Family of Dyes
  • Cell-Impermeant SYTOX Dyes for Dead-Cell Staining
  • Cell-Permeant Cyanine Dyes: The SYTO Nucleic Acid Stains
  • Amine-Reactive Cyanine Dye
  • Phenanthridines and Acridines: Classic Intercalating Dyes
  • Indoles and Imidazoles: Classic Minor Groove–Binding Dyes
  • Other Nucleic Acid Stains

Labeling Oligonucleotides and Nucleic Acids—Section 8.2

  • ChromaTide Nucleotides
  • Amine-Modified Nucleotides
  • ARES DNA Labeling Kits
  • FISH Tag DNA and FISH Tag RNA Kits
  • ULYSIS Nucleic Acid Labeling Kits
  • Labeled Oligonucleotides
  • Other Labeling Methods for Nucleic Acids

Nucleic Acid Quantitation in Solution—Section 8.3

  • Quant-iT and Qubit Assay Kits for DNA and RNA
  • Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer
  • PicoGreen dsDNA Quantitation Assay
  • OliGreen ssDNA Quantitation Assay
  • RiboGreen RNA Quantitation Assay
  • Other Stains for Nucleic Acid Quantitation in Solution
  • Real-Time Quantitative PCR Using SYBR Green I Nucleic Acid Gel Stain

Nucleic Acid Quantitation on Gels, Blots and Arrays—Section 8.4

  • Nucleic Acid Detection in Gels
  • Safe Imager Blue-Light Transilluminator
  • SYBR Photographic Filters
  • Capillary Electrophoresis and Channel Electrophoresis
  • Quality Control Testing on Microarrays and Blots

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