Table 8.3 Cell-permeant cyanine nucleic acid stains.

Cat. No.Dye *Ex/Em †MW ‡
Blue-Fluorescent SYTO dyes
S11351SYTO 40 blue-fluorescent nucleic acid stain419/445~250
S11352SYTO 41 blue-fluorescent nucleic acid stain426/455~450
S11353SYTO 42 blue-fluorescent nucleic acid stain430/460~350
S11356SYTO 45 blue-fluorescent nucleic acid stain452/484~300
S11350SYTO Blue-Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stain Sampler Kit (SYTO dyes 40–45) §VariousVarious
Green-Fluorescent SYTO Dyes
S32703SYTO RNASelect green-fluorescent cell stain **490/530 †~800
S34854SYTO 9 green-fluorescent nucleic acid stain **483/503~400
S32704SYTO 10 green-fluorescent nucleic acid stain **484/505~350
S34855SYTO BC green-fluorescent nucleic acid stain **485/500~400
S7575SYTO 13 green-fluorescent nucleic acid stain488/509~400
S7578SYTO 16 green-fluorescent nucleic acid stain ††488/518~450
S7559SYTO 24 green-fluorescent nucleic acid stain490/515~550
S7556SYTO 21 green-fluorescent nucleic acid stain494/517~500
S7574SYTO 12 green-fluorescent nucleic acid stain500/522~300
S7573SYTO 11 green-fluorescent nucleic acid stain508/527~400
S7576SYTO 14 green-fluorescent nucleic acid stain517/549~500
S7560SYTO 25 green-fluorescent nucleic acid stain521/556~450
S7572SYTO Green-Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stain Sampler Kit (SYTO dyes 11–14, 16, 21, 24 and 25) §VariousVarious
Orange-Fluorescent SYTO dyes
S11362SYTO 81 orange-fluorescent nucleic acid stain530/544~300
S11361SYTO 80 orange-fluorescent nucleic acid stain531/545~400
S11363SYTO 82 orange-fluorescent nucleic acid stain541/560~350
S11364SYTO 83 orange-fluorescent nucleic acid stain543/559~350
S11365SYTO 84 orange-fluorescent nucleic acid stain567/582~500
S11366SYTO 85 orange-fluorescent nucleic acid stain567/583~350
S11360SYTO Orange-Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stain Sampler Kit (SYTO dyes 80–85) §VariousVarious
Red-Fluorescent SYTO dyes
S11346SYTO 64 red-fluorescent nucleic acid stain **598/620~400
S11343SYTO 61 red-fluorescent nucleic acid stain620/647~500
S7579SYTO 17 red-fluorescent nucleic acid stain621/634~650
S11341SYTO 59 red-fluorescent nucleic acid stain **622/645~550
S11344SYTO 62 red-fluorescent nucleic acid stain649/680~550
S11342SYTO 60 red-fluorescent nucleic acid stain652/678~500
S11345SYTO 63 red-fluorescent nucleic acid stain654/675~550
S11340SYTO Red-Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stain Sampler Kit (SYTO dyes 17, 59–64) §VariousVarious
* All products supplied as 250 µL of a 5 mM solution, with exceptions noted. † Wavelengths of excitation (Ex) and emission (Em) maxima, in nm. All excitation and emission maxima were determined for dyes bound to double-stranded calf thymus DNA in aqueous solution, except for the SYTO RNASelect green-fluorescent cell stain, which was determined for the dye bound to Escherichia coli RNA. ‡ Molecular weight (MW) for the anhydrous compound. The preceding ~ symbol indicates an approximate value, not including counterions. § Supplied as individual 50 µL vials. ** Unit size = 100 µL. †† Supplied as 250 µL of a 1 mM solution.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.