Table 2.2 Molecular Probes thiol-reactive dyes excited with ultraviolet light.

Derivative Abs * Em * Alkyl Halide or Haloacetamide Maleimide Other
Alexa Fluor 350346442 A30505 
Alexa Fluor 405402421   
Anilinonaphthalene †326462IAANS, I7MIANS, M8 
Benzophenone282NA B1508 
Dibromobimane394490  bBBr, D1379 ‡
Diethylaminocoumarin384470DCIA, D404CPM, D346 ‡
MDCC, D10253
Dimethylaminocoumarin376465DACIA, D10252DACM, D10251 ‡ 
Dimethylaminonaphthalene †391500badan, B6057 acrylodan, A433
Monobromobimane394490  mBBr, M1378 ‡
mBBr, M20381 ‡
Monochlorobimane394490  mBCl, M1381MP ‡
Naphthalene †336490IAEDANS, I14  
Pacific Blue410455 P30506 
Pacific Orange400551 P30507 
Pyrene †339384P29
Stilbene †329408A484A485 
* Approximate absorption (Abs) and emission (Em) maxima, in nm, for the reagent (if fluorescent) or the fluorescent thiol adduct. † Environment-sensitive fluorophore. ‡ Very weakly fluorescent until reacted with thiols. NA = Not applicable.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.