Table 23.7 Press-to-Seal gaskets and Secure-Seal spacers.

Cat. No.
Number of WellsWell DimensionsDepthQuantity per Package
Press-to-Seal silicone isolators
P18174120 mm diameter0.5 mm50
P18175120 mm diameter1.0 mm50
P24740 *120 mm diameter0.5 mm50
P24741 *120 mm diameter1.0 mm50
P24742 *244.5 mm diameter2.0 mm25
P24743 *89 mm diameter0.5 mm25
P24744 *89 mm diameter1.0 mm25
Secure-Seal adhesive spacers
S24735 *113 mm diameter0.12 mm100
S24736 *120 mm diameter0.12 mm100
S24737 *89 mm diameter0.12 mm100
Press-to-Seal silicone sheets (13 cm × 18 cm)
P18178NANA0.5 mm5
P18179NANA1.0 mm5
P24745 *NANA0.5 mm5
* With adhesive on one side. NA = Not applicable.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.