Table 14.6 FluoSpheres blood flow and color kits.

Cat. No. Application Bead Size Concentration Number of Colors
F8890Blood flow determination10 µm3.6 × 106 beads/mL7 colors, 10 mL each
F8891Blood flow determination15 µm1.0 × 106 beads/mL7 colors, 10 mL each
F8892Blood flow determination15 µm1.0 × 106 beads/mL5 colors, 10 mL each
F21015Blood flow determination15 µm1.0 × 106 beads/mL4 colors, 10 mL each
F10720Microinjection/tracing0.04 µm5% solids4 colors, 1 mL each

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.