Table 1.11 R0 values for QSY and dabcyl quenchers.

QSY 35dabcylQSY 7 and QSY 9QSY 21
Alexa Fluor 3504750  
Alexa Fluor 488444964 
Alexa Fluor 546252967 
Alexa Fluor 555  45 
Alexa Fluor 568  5675
Alexa Fluor 594   77
Alexa Fluor 647   69
R0 values in angstroms (Å) represent the distance at which fluorescence resonance energy transfer from the donor dye to the acceptor dye is 50% efficient (Förster radius). Values were calculated from spectroscopic data as outlined (see Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)—Note 1.2).

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