Table 6.5 Molecular Probes yellow-green–fluorescent FluoSpheres beads compared with other commercially available yellow-green–fluorescent microspheres.

Size (µm)
Fluorescence Intensity *
CV for Intensity †
Molecular Probes F88521.0219984.40%
Molecular Probes F88532.0789983.26%
Company A0.843.730.28%
Company A1.555.211.69%
Company B1.0112.62.49%
Company B1.945952.91%
Company C0.931164.62%
Company C1.484341.92%
Company D0.85175.19%
Company D1.841193.08%
* Median value for fluorescence intensity (in arbitrary units), measured for 10,000 individual beads per sample excited at 488 nm using flow cytometry. Values may vary slightly between batches of these products. † CV = coefficient of variation.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.