Table 1.7 Amine-reactive BODIPY dyes.

BODIPY DyeAbs *Em *COOHSTPSuccinimidyl Ester
BODIPY 493/503500506  D2191
BODIPY FL505513D2183 (C3)
D3834 (C5)
B10006D2184 (C3)
D6140 (SSE)
D6102 (X)
D6184 (C5)
BODIPY R6G528550  D6180
BODIPY 530/550534554  D2187
BODIPY TMR542574  D6117 (X)
BODIPY 558/568558569  D2219
BODIPY 564/570565571  D2222
BODIPY 576/589576590  D2225
BODIPY 581/591584592  D2228
BODIPY TR589617  D6116 (X)
BODIPY 630/650-X †625640  D10000
BODIPY 650/655-X †646660  D10001
* Approximate absorption (Abs) and fluorescence (Em) maxima, in nm, for the goat anti–mouse IgG antibody or dextran conjugates in aqueous buffer. † Not recommended for derivatizing proteins.

(C3) = Propionic acid.
(C5) = Pentanoic acid.
(COOH) = Carboxylic acid.(SSE) = Sulfosuccinimidyl ester.
(STP) = 4-Sulfotetrafluorophenyl ester.
(X) = Aminohexanoyl spacer separating the dye and the SE.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.