Table 10.1 Glycosidase enzymes and their fluorogenic and chromogenic substrates.

Notes on Enzyme Activity Labeled Substrate (Abs/Em of the products) * Cat #
(β-Galactosidase, E.C.
  • Useful as a reporter gene marker ref
  • Useful for ELISAs ref
  • Useful for enumerating coliforms from the family Enterobacteriaceaeref
  • Useful for classifying mycobacteria ref
Blue-fluorescent product4-Methylumbelliferyl (360/449) refM1489MP
Green-fluorescent productFluorescein (490/514) refF1179
5-(Pentafluorobenzoylamino)-fluorescein (490/514)P11948
C2-Fluorescein (490/514) refA22010
C12-Fluorescein (490/514) refD2893, I2904 ‡
5-Chloromethylfluorescein (490/514) refD2920 †
Red-fluorescent productC12-Resorufin (571/585) refI2906 ‡
DDAO (646/659)D6488
Resorufin (571/585) refR1159
Chromogenic substrate5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indoyl (615/NA) refX-Gal; B1690
β-D-Glucopyranoside (β-Glucosidase, E.C.
  • Deficiency in acid β-glucosidase, which leads to abnormal lysosomal storage, characterizes Gaucher disease ref
  • Useful as a marker for the endoplasmic reticulum ref
Green-fluorescent productFluorescein (490/514) refF2881
5-(Pentafluorobenzoylamino)fluorescein (490/514) refP11947
β-D-Glucuronide (β-Glucuronidase, GUS; E.C.
  • Useful as a reporter gene marker ref
  • Useful as a lysosomal marker ref
  • Useful for detecting E. coli; 94–96% of E. coli contain this enzyme, but it is less common in Shigella (44–58%), Salmonella (20–29%) and Yersinia strains ref
Blue-fluorescent product4-Methylumbelliferyl (360/449) refM1490
Green-fluorescent productFluorescein (490/514) refF2915
5-(Pentafluorobenzoylamino)fluorescein (490/514) refP11949
C12-Fluorescein (490/514) refI2908 ‡
Chromogenic substrate5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indoyl (615/NA) refX-GlcU, B1691
* Approximate absorption (Abs) and fluorescence emission (Em) maxima of enzymatic hydrolysis product, in nm. † DetectaGene Green Gene Expression Kit. ‡ ImaGene Green or ImaGene Red Gene Expression Kit. NA = Not applicable.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.