Table 6.11 Qdot® nanocrystal secondary antibody conjugates.

Conjugate Antibody Host Quantity Cat. No.
Qdot® 525Anti-goat IgGDonkey100 µLQ22072
Anti–mouse IgGDonkey100 µLQ22073
Goat200 µLQ11041MP
Anti–rabbit IgGDonkey100 µLQ22074
Goat200 µLQ11441MP
Qdot® 565Anti–goat IgGDonkey100 µLQ22075
Anti–mouse IgGDonkey100 µLQ22076
Goat100 µLQ11032MP
200 µLQ11031MP
Anti–rabbit IgGDonkey100 µLQ22077
Goat100 µLQ11432MP
200 µLQ11431MP
Anti–rat IgGGoat200 µLQ11631MP
Qdot® 585Anti–goat IgGDonkey100 µLQ22078
Anti–mouse IgGDonkey100 µLQ22079
Goat200 µLQ11011MP
Anti–rabbit IgGDonkey100 µLQ22080
Goat200 µLQ11411MP
Qdot® 605Anti–goat IgGDonkey100 µLQ22081
Anti–mouse IgGDonkey100 µLQ22082
Goat100 µLQ11002MP
200 µLQ11001MP
Anti–rabbit IgGDonkey100 µLQ22083
Anti–rat IgGGoat200 µLQ11601MP
Anti–human IgGGoat200 µLQ11201MP
Qdot® 625Anti–goat IgGDonkey100 µLQ22084
Anti–mouse IgGDonkey100 µLQ22085
Goat100 µLA10195
Anti–rabbit IgGDonkey100 µLQ22086
Goat100 µLA10194
Qdot® 655Anti–chicken IgYGoat200 µLQ14421MP
Anti–goat IgGDonkey100 µLQ22087
Rabbit200 µLQ11821MP
Anti–mouse IgGDonkey100 µLQ22088
Goat100 µLQ11022MP
200 µLQ11021MP
Anti–rabbit IgGDonkey100 µLQ22089
Goat100 µLQ11422MP
200 µLQ11421MP
Anti–rat IgGGoat200 µLQ11621MP
Anti–human IgGGoat200 µLQ11221MP
Qdot® 705Anti–mouse IgGGoat100 µLQ11062MP
200 µLQ11061MP
Anti–rabbit IgGGoat100 µLQ11462MP
200 µLQ11461MP
Qdot® 800Anti–mouse IgGGoat200 µLQ11071MP
Anti–rabbit IgGGoat200 µLQ11471MP
All Qdot® nanocrystal secondary antibody conjugates are supplied as 1 µM solutions and are prepared either from whole IgG antibodies (in the case of the donkey antibody conjugates and the goat anti–chicken IgY conjugate) or from affinity-purified F(ab')2 fragments.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.