Table 23.5 CultureWell cell culture systems and chambered coverslips.

Cat. No.
Size of Coverslip (mm)Number of Wells per CoverslipWell DimensionsDepthVolume per WellNumber of Coverslips per Insert
CultureWell multiwell cell culture systems * †
C2476224 × 50215 mm diameter1 mm250–400 µL4
C2476324 × 50215 mm diameter2 mm300–500 µL4
C2476424 × 5039.5 mm square1 mm300–500 µL4
C2476524 × 5049 mm diameter1 mm50–100 µL4
24 × 5086 mm diameter1 mm15–30 µL4
C2476824 × 50503 mm diameter1 mm3–10 µL4
CultureWell chambered coverslips ‡
C2477524 × 50215 mm diameter1 mm250–400 µLNA
C2477624 × 50215 mm diameter2 mm300–500 µLNA
C2477724 × 5039.5 mm diameter1 mm300–500 µLNA
C2477824 × 5049 mm diameter1 mm50–100 µLNA
C2477924 × 5086 mm diameter1 mm15–30 µLNA
C2478024 × 50503 mm diameter1 mm3–10 µLNA
CultureWell multislip cell culture systems *
C2476118 × 18NANANANA8
C2476012 × 12NANANANA15
* Each system is supplied in packages of 10 inserts, each preassembled in an 86 mm × 128 mm plate. † A trial size is also available (C24767) that includes two inserts — four coverslips with eight 6 mm wells each — in two plates. ‡ Chambered coverslips are supplied in sets of coverslips, in five pouches of four coverslips each. Packs of 10 sterile plates are also available separately (C24769). NA = Not applicable.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.