Table 20.2 Summary of the pH response of our LysoSensor probes.

Cat. No.
LysoSensor ProbeAbs/Em * (nm)pKa †Useful pH Range †
L7533LysoSensor Blue DND-167373/4255.14.5–6.0
L7534LysoSensor Green DND-153442/5057.56.5–8.0
L7535LysoSensor Green DND-189443/5055.24.5–6.0
L7545LysoSensor Yellow/Blue DND-160384/540 ‡
329/440 §
* Absorption (Abs) and fluorescence emission (Em) maxima, at pH 5; values may vary somewhat in cellular environments. † All pKa values were determined in vitro; values are likely to be different in cells. ‡ At pH 3. § At pH 7.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.