Table 12.1 Molecular Probes fluorescent organelle stains.

Green-Fluorescent Probes Yellow- and Orange-
Fluorescent Probes
Red-Fluorescent Probes Blue-Fluorescent and
Other Detectable Probes
Cat. No. Probe Cat. No. Probe Cat. No. Probe Cat. No. Probe
Probes for Mitochondria: Section 12.2
A1372 Nonyl acridine orange D288 4-Di-1-ASP (DASPMI) M7512 MitoTracker Red CMXRos * L6868 Lucigenin †
D273 DiOC6(3) ‡ D426 DASPEI T3168 JC-1 §    
D378 DiOC7(3) ‡ M7510 MitoTracker Orange CMTMRos * D22421 JC-9 §    
M7514 MitoTracker Green FM * R634 Rhodamine 6G M22425 MitoTracker Red FM *    
Rhodamine 123 T668 Tetramethyl-
methyl ester (TMRM)
M22426 MitoTracker
Deep Red FM *
S7529 SYTO 18 yeast
mitochondrial stain
T669 Tetramethyl-
ethyl ester (TMRE)
T3168 JC-1 §            
D22421 JC-9 §            
Oxidation-Sensitive Probes for Mitochondria: Section 12.2
D632 Dihydrorhodamine 123 M7511 MitoTracker Orange CM-H2TMRos * M7513 MitoTracker Red CM-H2XRos *    
Probes for Acidic Organelles Including Lysosomes: Section 12.3
L7526 LysoTracker Green DND-26 L12491 LysoTracker Yellow HCK-123 L7528 LysoTracker Red DND-99 H22845 Hydroxy-
        L12492 LysoTracker Deep Red
L7525 LysoTracker Blue DND-22
        R14060 RedoxSensor Red CC-1 **    
pH-Sensitive Probes for Acidic Organelles: Section 12.3
L7535 LysoSensor Green DND-189 A1301 Acridine orange N3246 Neutral red L7533 LysoSensor Blue DND-167
    L7545 LysoSensor Yellow/Blue DND-160 §     L7545 LysoSensor Yellow/Blue DND-160 §
    L22460 LysoSensor Yellow/Blue 10,000 MW dextran §     L22460 LysoSensor Yellow/Blue 10,000 MW dextran §
Probes for the Endoplasmic Reticulum: Section 12.4
E34250 ER-Tracker Green D282 DiIC18(3) E34251 ER-Tracker Red E12353 ER-Tracker Blue-White DPX
D273 DiOC6(3) D384 DiIC16(3)        
    R648MP Rhodamine B, hexyl ester        
Probes for the Golgi Apparatus: Section 12.4
BODIPY FL C5-ceramide §     D3521
BODIPY FL C5-ceramide §    
NBD C6-ceramide     D7540
BODIPY TR ceramide    
Probes for the Nucleus: Section 12.5 includes a complete listing of SYTOX, HCS NuclearMask, Hoechst, DAPI and other nuclear stains.
* Aldehyde-fixable probe. † Chemiluminescent probe. ‡ Selective for mitochondria only at low applied concentrations (<100 nM). § Dual-emission spectrum. ** The differential distribution of the oxidized product between mitochondria and lysosomes appears to depend on the oxidation–reduction (redox) potential of the cytosol.