Table 16.4 Labeled and unlabeled α-bungarotoxins.

Cat. No.LabelEx/Em (nm)NotesSize
F1176Fluorescein494/518Original green-fluorescent conjugate500 µg
B13422Alexa Fluor 488495/519Brightest and most photostable green-fluorescent conjugate500 µg
T1175Tetramethylrhodamine553/577An extensively used red-orange–fluorescent conjugate500 µg
B35451Alexa Fluor 555555/565Bright and photostable red-orange–fluorescent conjugate500 µg
B13423Alexa Fluor 594590/617Excellent dye to combine with green-fluorescent probes500 µg
B35450Alexa Fluor 647650/668Excellent dye to combine with green- and orange-fluorescent probes500 µg
B35452Alexa Fluor 680679/702Excellent dye to combine with green-, orange-, and red-fluorescent probes500 µg
B1196Biotin-XXNAVisualized with labeled avidins and streptavidins (Molecular Probes' selection of avidin, streptavidin, NeutrAvidin and CaptAvidin conjugates—Table 7.9)500 µg
B1601UnlabeledNAUseful as a control, as well as for radioiodination and for preparation of new conjugates1 mg
NA = Not applicable.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.