Table 2.1 Molecular Probes thiol-reactive dyes excited with visible light.

Derivative Abs * Em * Maleimide Haloacetamide Bromomethyl Halide Cystine C or Thiosulfate T
Alexa Fluor 488495519A10254 M    
Alexa Fluor 532532553A10255    
Alexa Fluor 546556575A10258 M    
Alexa Fluor 555555565A20346    
Alexa Fluor 568578603A20341 M    
Alexa Fluor 594590617A10256 M    
Alexa Fluor 633632647A20342 M    
Alexa Fluor 647650665A20347    
Alexa Fluor 660663690A20343    
Alexa Fluor 680679702A20344    
Alexa Fluor 750749775A30459    
BODIPY FL505513B10250D6003  B20340 C
T30453 T
BODIPY TMR542574B30466   T30454 T
BODIPY TR589617    T30455 T
BODIPY 493/503493503  B2103  
BODIPY 499/508499508D20350    
BODIPY 507/545508543 D6004   
BODIPY 577/618577618D20351    
BODIPY 630/650625640  B22802 T30456 T
4-Dimethylamino phenylazophenyl419NAD1521    
Eosin524544E118 5    
Fluorescein494518F150 5I30451 5
I30452 6
B1355 5  
Lucifer yellow426531 L1338   
NBD478541 I9 †

F6053 ‡

Oregon Green 488496524O6034 5O6010 M   
QSY 7560NAQ10257    
QSY 9562NAQ30457    
QSY 35475NA Q20348   
Rhodamine Red570590R6029 M    
Sulfonerhodamine555580 B10621 §   
Tetramethylrhodamine555580T6027 5
T6028 6
T6006 5   
Texas Red595615T6008 M T6009 M  
* Absorption (Abs) and emission (Em) maxima, in nm. † Iodoacetate ester. ‡ Like the NBD probes, ABD-F (F6053) is a benz-2-oxa-1,3-diazole, except that it is sulfonated (i.e., an SBD probe) instead of nitrated (i.e., an NBD probe); its reaction product with dimethylaminoethanethiol has Abs/Em maxima of 376/510 nm. § Bifunctional crosslinker. 5 = 5-Isomer. 6 = 6-Isomer. M = Mixed isomers. C = BODIPY FL L-cystine. T = TS-Link fluorescent thiosulfate. NA = Not applicable.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.