Table 8.5 Molecular Probes ChromaTide and aha labeled nucleotides.

Cat. No.dUTP, aha-dUTP,
or UTP Nucleotide *
Ex/Em †Applications ‡
Blue Fluorescence
C7612Cascade Blue-7-dUTP400/420PCR, TDT, RP
Green Fluorescence
C11397Alexa Fluor 488-5-dUTP490/520PCR, TDT, RP, RT, NT
C7604Fluorescein-12-dUTP495/525PCR, TDT, RP, NT
C7614BODIPY FL-14-dUTP505/515PCR, TDT, RP
C21555Alexa Fluor 488-7-OBEA-dCTP490/520RT, NT
C11403Alexa Fluor 488-5-UTP490/520SP6, T3, T7
Yellow Fluorescence
C11398Alexa Fluor 532-5-dUTP525/550PCR, TDT, RP, RT, NT
Orange Fluorescence
C7606MPTetramethylrhodamine-6-dUTP550/570PCR, TDT, RP
C11401Alexa Fluor 546-14-dUTP555/570PCR, TDT, RP, RT, NT
A32762Alexa Fluor 555-aha-dUTP555/570RT
A32770Alexa Fluor 555-aha-dCTP555/570RT
C21556Alexa Fluor 546-16-OBEA-dCTP555/570RT, NT
C11404Alexa Fluor 546-14-UTP555/570SP6, T3, T7
Red Fluorescence
C11399Alexa Fluor 568-5-dUTP575/600PCR, TDT, RP, NT
C7631Texas Red-12-dUTP595/610PCR, TDT, RP
C11400Alexa Fluor 594-5-dUTP590/615PCR, TDT, RP, NT
Far-Red Fluorescence
A32763Alexa Fluor 647-aha-dUTP650/670RT
A32771Alexa Fluor 647-aha-dCTP650/670RT
C21559Alexa Fluor 647-12-OBEA-dCTP650/670RT, NT
* All products are supplied as either 25 µL (dUTPs and UTPs) or 50 µL (dCTPs) of a 1 mM solution in TE buffer. † Excitation (Ex) and emission (Em) maxima, in nm, for the labeled nucleotide. ‡ Except where otherwise noted, the following applications were tested: PCR, Taq polymerase for DNA amplification; TDT, terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase for 3'-end labeling of dsDNA; RP, Klenow polymerase for labeling DNA by random hexamer priming; RT, murine leukemia virus (MLV) reverse transcriptase for synthesizing DNA from an RNA template; NT, nick translation using DNase I and DNA polymerase I. ChromaTide UTP nucleotides were incorporated into RNA by standard transcription reactions using the indicated RNA polymerases (SP6, T3, T7). We also offer unlabeled aha-dUTP (50 µL of a 50 mM solution in TE buffer, A32761) and unlabeled aha-dCTP (50 µL of a 50 mM solution in TE buffer, A32769; 500 µL of a 2 mM solution in TE buffer, A32768).

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.