The Mach1™ T1R cell is one of the fastest-growing chemically competent strains currently available. Mach1™ T1R colonies are clearly visible within eight hours of plating the transformation (ampicillin selection only), enabling you to plate and pick colonies in the same day. From an overnight colony, minipreps can be performed after only four hours of growth. Mach1™ T1R cells also benefit from T1 phage resistance. These cells are available in the convenient single-use One Shot® and medium- to high-throughput MulitShot™ formats.

Mach1™ T1R cells  



Figure 1: Mach1™ T1R cells grow faster than standard cloning strains. Mach1™ T1R,  XL10-Gold®  (Strategene), TOP10, XL1-Blue®  (Stratagene), and DH5α™ E. coli were transformed with pUC19 and grown overnight. Each culture was then inoculated 1:50 into 50 ml of LB ampicillin in 500 ml flasks. OD600 was measured every 30 min for 6 hr. Mach1™ T1R cells reach a useful OD (e.g., for mini-prep analysis) significantly faster (4 hr) than other strains.