Chemical analysis of polymers

Manipulating the molecular structure of polymers leads to new plastics that perform better in daily life. Knowing and having the right tools to identify, quantify and formulate polymer constituents is essential in determining which fillers and additives will expand possibilities.

Our analytical solutions help customers drive innovation and productivity in polymer analysis; encompassing the design, characterization and lab-to-production scale of polymeric materials across many industries. For more than 50 years, the Nicolet brand has been synonymous with leading infrared spectroscopy technologies to enable accurate chemical characterization of materials. This expertise has since expanded to other analytical techniques such as Raman, XPS, and NMR to provide labs with a complete analytical solution for their polymeric materials.

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Polymer analysis with FTIR spectroscopy

For polymer method development, deformulation, troubleshooting, and research, the Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer is the ideal material analysis workstation featuring one-touch automation.

Multilayer polymer analysis with Raman imaging

Easily understand the layers of your sample with high resolution and quick visual results. Anyone can use Raman with the DXR3xi Raman Imaging Microscope.

Nicolet iS5 FTIR Spectrometer

For fast identification of unknown materials and product quality screening, the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS5 FTIR Spectrometer is your reliable partner.

iD7 ATR accessory for the Nicolet iS5 Spectrometer

A monolithic diamond ATR crystal and high-efficiency, all-reflective optics combine with a variety of interchangeable crystal plates to provide the robustness and flexibility to meet your material identification and verification needs. Go to the iD7 product page › 

OMNIC Paradigm Software

See how the Summit Spectrometer and OMNIC Paradigm Software are ideally suited for busy QAQC labs managing multiple samples, users and mountains of work. Whether desktop or tablet users get the same great experience that helps boost productivity.

Creating Workflows with OMNIC Paradigm

When you make workflows with OMNIC Paradigm Software and Summit Spectrometer they are as easy as that - as easy as moving apps around on your smartphone. Use the touch screen to select and drag the right icons or steps into the right order.

Summit Spectrometer Light Bar

See how the LightBar feature on the Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer increases your productivity.

FTIR spectroscopy/microscopy, hyphenated rheology

FTIR software

Raman and FTIR spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy/microscopy, hyphenated rheology

Near infrared

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer

The Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer offers the same reliable performance as the iS5 FTIR Spectrometer with improved software features that cut analysis time in half. The LED LightBar provides immediate feedback on sample and instrument health making Summit the ideal tool for busy QA/QC labs.

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Nicolet iS20 FTIR Spectrometer

Monitor product consistency, troubleshoot, or deformulate complex materials and stay compliant. The Nicolet iS20 FTIR spectrometer is built with the Thermo Scientific LightDrive Optical Engine for best-in-class spectral resolution and accuracy. A 10-year warranty brings you reliable performance for a decade

Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer

Solve your analytical challenges with unmatched simplicity. Move from one experiment to another with the push of a button, integrating diamond ATR, Raman, and NIR. The Nicolet iS50 FTIR system is deal for polymer method development, troubleshooting, deformulation, and research.

Nicolet iN10 FTIR Microscope

Visually and chemically analyze your samples with this powerful combination of optical microscope with an integrated FTIR. The Nicolet iN10 microscope is ideal for small particle identification or high spatial resolution polymer characterization needs.

Antaris II FT-NIR Analyzer

Easily implement laboratory-based FT-NIR performance in a ready-for-plant package using the Antaris II FT-NIR Analyzer. With industry-leading method transfer performance, the Antaris II FT-NIR Analyzer provides robust and reliable data collection for at-line, online and in-line analysis.

Antaris MX FT-NIR Process Analyzer

Optimize your QC testing while remotely monitoring the process using fiber optic simultaneous multiplexing technology and integrated communication for real-time feedback with the rugged Antaris MX FT-NIR process analyzer.

DXR3 Raman microscope

Analytical services labs are often staffed with scientists and technicians who must be able to walk up to any piece of equipment and get results without technique expertise. Optimization algorithms and automated system setup make the DXR Raman microscope easy to approach and enables a non-specialist to generate excellent results.

NanoDrop QC Software with the NanoDrop OneC Spectrophotometer

Analyze the quality of liquid polymers with this innovative, auto-ranging pedestal UV-Vis spectrophotometer and polymer software. The NanoDrop QC system eliminates time-consuming steps such as dilution of highly concentrated samples and simplifies chemometric method development and the resulting data analysis.

K-Alpha XPS

Get precise results, quickly and efficiently. The compact Thermo Scientific K-Alpha system bridges the XPS requirements for both research and routine analysis with high sample throughput and advanced capabilities. Intuitive operation, guided by the Thermo Scientific Avantage Data System, makes the K-Alpha XPS ideal for multi-user facilities.

Investigating why a plastic part failed

Investigating why a plastic part failed

Infrared and Raman spectroscopy help manufacturers examine chemical composition to resolve the challenges of failed parts. Such analysis helps determine root causes and identify corrective actions to ensure future parts can be successfully produced.

Read this application note to see how it’s done.

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