With a proven track record of over 18,000 custom antibody projects completed to date, our custom antibody development, purification, and screening services deliver the quality, consistency, and performance you need. Once your custom project is underway, you can track the real-time progress of your project via OpenProject™ software. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 13485:2003 certified and registered with the FDA. We are accredited through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW).

Our custom antibody services include many competitively priced packages and specialized purification options for antibody production, all supported by powerful online tools for peptide design and project tracking.

Custom Antibody Request

Your custom project may include:

  • Optimized antigenic peptide design, synthesis, and peptide conjugation to the carrier protein of your choice
  • Mono or polyclonal antibody development, including specific biomarkers of interest and purification
  • A wide range of assay validation and screening options

Your project manager will guide you through this selection process and will provide input at every step to help ensure that your project meets your needs. 


The Thermo Scientific Antigen Profiler is a bioinformatics protein sequence analysis tool and custom peptide design algorithm for designing and creating superior peptide antigens. The platform incorporates an exclusive set of powerful bioinformatics algorithms for analyzing and designing peptide and protein antigens to ensure high-titer custom production of highly-specific antibodies. The analysis is offered as a service for researchers who wish to design and synthesize effective peptide antigens for custom antibody development using our comprehensive custom antibody production service.

Featured custom antibody categories

Choose custom antibody services based on specific assay applications and overall price.

Our online project management tool enables you to efficiently track and manage your custom antibody production antibody development projects.

Three-step purification procedure, as well as specialized purification options for obtaining monospecific antibodies

ELISA and additional screening and method validation procedures for custom antibodies.

Custom antibody services for the production and purification of phosphospecific and post-translational modification-specific antibodies.

Tips about which custom antibodies are suitable for your application, source of antigen, scale of production, and budget.