Vector NTI Advance 11.5.5

Version 11.5.5 has fixes to the BLAST search functionality.

Download Windows® installer (.exe)

Vector NTI Advance 11.5.4

Version 11.5.4 includes the following features:

  • Extended OS support - Parallels Desktop® 5 on Mac® OS X® ,Windows® 7
  • Workflow support for new Invitrogen GeneArt Seamless Cloning and High-Order Genetic Assembly and Parts Assembly
  • Improved workflow for querying Applied Biosystems TaqMan Gene Expression Assays online
  • Applied Biosystems® 3500 System file format support
  • Primer template alignment display and reporting
  • Update to the NCBI query format
  • Feature and performance improvements including local database storage capabilities

Important: You should back up your local database regularly, and always before updating Vector NTI Advance® software.

Try Vector NTI Advance 11.5.4 for 30 days

Click the 'Download' button to get started. Then click the ‘get my trial license key’ to get your license key. Paste this Trial License Number in the corresponding field and click on the ‘Apply’ button. This update will install directly and seamlessly on top of v11.5.x and will recognize your existing local database automatically.

Following downloading and installation, this software is fully functional with a trial license key for 30 days.

Download (.exe)

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Dynamic License Server (Windows® only)

Dynamic License Server (DLS) is a software installed on-site and manages the distribution of the purchased number of dynamic licenses across purchased access seats on the network.

Please note: DLS is NOT FREE software. You must purchase a license to install and use it.

Vector NTI Vector Archives

These Vector NTI Advance Archive files contain fully annotated Invitrogen vector sequences and maps. Simply download and save the files to your computer, then drag-and-drop them into your Vector NTI Advance Local Database to import and use these vectors.

About Mac® OS X® Compatibility

Vector NTI Advance can run on Mac® OS X® though the use of Parallels Desktop® 5, so there is no need to reboot! See the Installation and Licensing Guide for more information on how to use this, or see more information on Parallels Desktop® software.

Vector NTI Advance 11.5 can also be run on a Windows® partition created using Apple® Boot Camp® software.