1. When is Vector NTI Advance™ 11.5 available?
Version 11.5 was launched on October 15, 2010.

2. Is Vector NTI Advance® 11.5 compatible with Microsoft® Windows 7?
Yes. Version 11.5  is compatible with Windows 7 on 32-Bit Systems - 64-Bit compatibility is currently in development.

3. Is Vector NTI Advance® 11.5 compatible with Mac OS?
Yes, this requires Mac OS® X running Windows® under Parallels Desktop® 5 or Boot Camp.

4. What’s new in Vector NTI Advance® 11.5?
Version 11.5 has a whole host of new features – these include:

* Performance enhancements  for easy management of thousands of molecules
* Applied Biosystems ABI 3500 file format support
* Synthetic biology workflows—GENEART® Assembly
* Update to the NCBI query format
* Improved workflow for querying TaqMan® Gene Expression assays online
* Primer template base-by-base alignment display and reporting

Please refer to the release notes for more details.

5. Can I try v11.5 for free before purchasing it?
Yes, visit www.invitrogen.com/vectornti for a FREE, 30-day trial license.


1. How do I place my order for Vector NTI®?
1-Year and 3-Year academic licenses and static licenses can be ordered here

For quotes on Dynamic and Network licenses please email bioinfosales@invitrogen.com. When you are ready to order, please contact customer service to place your order by phone or emailing evoquestteam@invitrogen.com.

Upgrading and re-installing

1. Will my v11 license work with v11.5 and how do I upgrade my software?
Yes - Simply run the installer to upgrade, it will detect the previous versions, and upgrade accordingly.

2. How do I upgrade from v10 to v11.5?
Version 11.5 is fully backward-compatible with data stored in v10 (and in v9 and v8).  Full details of how to upgrade from are in the v11.5 Installation and Licensing Guide.  Briefly:
•    First, back up your existing v10 Local Database to a secure location
•    Unregister your current license by typing “unregister” in all lower case letters in the license # field
•    Uninstall v10 using the Add/Remove Programs functionality in your Windows® Control Panel
•    Download and install v11.5 from our Downloads Page, or install v11.5 from the Vector NTI Advance™ 11.5 CD
•    During installation, you will be able to point the v11.5 software to the saved copy of your Local Database, and all of your existing data will be imported into the redesigned v11.5 Local Database automatically
•    Enter and enable the license # in the VNTI License Manager

This procedure is also applicable when moving the software from one computer to another.

3. Will I lose my data when I uninstall/reinstall/upgrade the software?
No – The data files remain intact. The files with stored data are not removed from the computer.

Software and support

1. If I purchase a v11.5 Academic License and I need help, how do I get it?
Technical Support for Academic Licenses is available by email.  Simply send your question to bioinfosupport@invitrogen.com.

2. How can I find out when my license expires?
Please contact our Customer Service team on 1-800-955-6288 *3.

3. I forgot/lost my license key – how can I have it sent to me?
Please contact our Customer Service team on 1-800-955-6288 *3.

4. I am trying to register my license but the apply button is grayed out and it won’t let me click it.
All fields except for the key field must be populated to activate the apply button.

5. I have a license number but I do not have a key. How do I get this?
We no longer send a key with the license number. All you need is the license number that we have emailed to you and the license key field can be left blank.

6. I have a free v10 license and I want to activate it on another computer.  Can you help me?
As of December 12, 2008, the free v10 Academic license program was no longer offered.  To enable the software on additional computers, please purchase one of the new 1-Year or 3-Year Academic Licenses that are now available for v11. 5.
7. If I purchase a v11.5 Academic License and I need help, how do I get it?
Technical Support for Academic Licenses is available by email.  Simply send your question to bioinfosupport@invitrogen.com.

8. Can I export all my sequence data?
Yes.  You can export all of your DNA and RNA molecules as GenBank or FASTA files using a number of simple methods; see the User Manual for details.  Likewise, protein sequences can be exported as GenPept, Swiss-Prot, or FASTA format.  These file formats are the de facto standards for sharing sequence information, and can be read by many commercial and free sequence analysis software applications, and can also be read as a text files using standard text editors.

9. What happened to the free licenses for v10?
With the launch of Vector NTI Advance® 11, we discontinued the sale of the prior version, as is standard software practice.  In practical terms, this means that from December 12 2008, we no longer provided any new free annual v10 licenses.

10. Will I be able to get a free academic license of v11?
No, but we have created two cost-effective v11 license options specifically for researchers in academic, government and non-profit institutions.  You can now obtain 1-Year and 3-Year Academic Licenses that provide full software functionality, greatly streamlined license delivery, and Technical Support by email.  Click here to order.