QuickStart Page
An easy-to-use console with explanations and links to all the key functions for sequence analysis and data management in version 11.
  Design Primers for:
  • Amplification
  • Sequencing
  • Multiplex PC
  • RHybridization
  • Alignment PCR
  In-Silico Cloning with Clone2SeqTM
Simplified workflow and graphical interface for rapid cloning of two fragments, with all the power of our renowned graphical map creation and lineage tracking.
Quickly find cloning/expression vectors with selected restriction sites, drug resistance markers, promoters, purification/expression tags, and other key features.
  Gene Synthesis with ReGENeratorTM
Clone faster, make all the mutations you want. The fastest way to “clone” - build your desired DNA from the ground up with the ReGENeratorTM tool.
  Restriction Analysis
Get a restriction profile of your DNA based on cutting sites, frequency. Vector NTI Advance® offers the most comprehensive REN analysis scheme than any other softwares.

Gateway® Cloning
Using the intuitive Gateway Cloning Wizard, you can rapidly clone DNA fragments into multiple expression vectors simultaneously.


TOPO® Cloning
The integrated TOPO® Cloning Wizard greatly facilitates vector construction using the most comprehensive collection of vectors made by Invitrogen.

  Digestion/Ligation Cloning
Create recombinants from individual fragments that have compatible ends, and modify the ends if they are not compatible. NEW in version 11, this is all done in a graphical manner.

  Gel Simulation
  • Run digested DNA on Agarose or Acrylamide gels as if you would in the lab
  • Get prepared before loading the real stuff
  Multi-Sequence Alignment
  • Fast, accurate alignment by ClustalW algorithm
  • Alignment statistics, phylogenetic guide tree, repeat identification
  Contig Assembly
  • Fast, accurate assembly by the CAP3 algorithm
  • Flexible ends trimming and vector contamination trimming
  • Chromatogram data analysis and editing; consensus creation using Quality Values
  Use BioAnnotator to analyze proteins for:
  • PFAM,  ProSite,  BLOCKS,  Proteolytic Cleavage,  Spidey,  Sim4
  View Protein Structure in 3-D
  • View protein structures in stereo mode
  • Freedom to configure how you want to look at the structure

  BLAST and Entrez Search
  • Query DNA or protein against publicly available databases for sequence similarity
  • Search PubMed Entrez for DNA, Proteins, Structures, and Citations
  MegaBase Sequences at your fingertips with GenomBench
Download, view, analyze, annotate and save local copies of reference genomic DNA sequences (e.g., chromosome) served by several principal Distributed Annotation System (DAS) servers as well as private DAS servers.

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