Whether you require a license for a long or short term, one computer or many, we offer a license configuration to best suit your needs.
Static License
A Static License enables the full functionality of the software and is associated with one specific computer. It's always ON until the computer is unregistered from the license. Activation of a Static License requires Internet connectivity only at time of initial application of the License. Quantity discount is available.

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Term License
A Term License (1-year or 3-year) is different from a Commercial License only in its length.

If you are a post-doctoral researcher or graduate student, chances are that you only need to use the software for a few years. With a low demand on your budget, a Term License allows low-level or no approval for purchase. Once the order is placed online, the license number is sent to you in the Order Confirmation email, along with download link and instructions. It is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get yourself on the right track of bioinformatics.

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Dynamic License
The Dynamic License Server (DLS) is a client-server application that manages concurrent user licenses. Licenses reside on the DLS Server and are dynamically issued to authorized clients upon request. A network connection from the client to the server is required.

Dynamic License Server (DLS) consists of software installed on site. It manages the distribution of the purchased number of Dynamic Licenses across purchased Access Seats on the network. Because there are generally more Seats than licenses in the system, not all computers can use the Vector NTI software at the same time. Thus, the number of licenses purchased represents the number of users who can access the Vector application concurrently.

For example, an organization may equip 20 computers with 5 Network Licenses, meaning that, at most, 5 users (at any of the 20 computers) can use the Vector NTI® application simultaneously.

In practice, not all users on the network need to use Vector NTI® at the same time. When a user launches the Vector NTI® application on one of the networked computers, that computer contacts the DLS application to determine whether there is an available Dynamic License. If one is available, the user will be able to access the full functionality of the software. If a license is not available (i.e., if all the purchased Dynamic Licenses are currently being used), the user’s copy of the Vector NTI® application will remain in Demo Mode. This user will not be able to use the full functionality of the Vector NTI® application until the DLS software releases a Dynamic License that had been assigned to another user on the system.

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Please note:

DLS is NOT FREE software. You must purchase a license to install and use it. Please click here to request a quote.

Click here to download Dynamic License Server 3.0

WorkGroup License
To use this feature, the user must have a Static License to setup the Shared Database, regardless of what other types of licenses you have purchased. If you already hold licenses other than Static, you may qualify for a discounted Static License.

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Teaching License
Life Technologies is dedicated to the teaching of bioinformatics. We provide a free Teaching License to educators who teach bioinformatics at an academic institution. Please email us to request the license. This option is not available for individual researchers or for non-teaching courses.

Network License

Network Licenses are based on the concept of sharing a license among networked computers. All the networked computers (known as “Access Seats”) are connected to a designated machine running Invitrogen’s Dynamic License Server (DLS) software. Network Licenses are useful for large groups of users who wish to maximize the number of individual computers that can run a copy of the Vector application.

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