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Designed with safety in mind, Thermo Scientific furnaces offer temperature ranges from 1100° to 1700°C, temperature control options to meet your application needs, as well as features that help you perform the most critical, as well as everyday applications.

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Select from our variety of box and tube furnaces 

Box furnaces
  • Used for processing larger samples or to place and access samples
  • Small, medium and large box furnaces 
  • Industrial and laboratory applications
  • Attributes include variable density insulation, double shell cabinets, long-life heating elements and vertical, horizontal side swing or swing down doors
Tube furnaces
  • Used for processing small samples or in an inert atmosphere
  • Single and three-zoned designs for precise temperature control
  • Three-zone control enables different temperatures in each zone 
  • Some models offer split-hinge design for ease of tube changing


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