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Key equipment for cell culture labs


General purpose centrifuge fits cell culture separation requirements

Centrifuges can be used in the harvesting workflow step to separate or concentrate cells or cell components. Precise temperature control and accurate centrifugal speeds are critical for this process.

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CO2 incubator for optimal cell growth and contamination prevention technologies

CO2 incubators provide optimal conditions for cell growth, controlling temperature, humidity and CO2 levels (O2 control optional). Uniformity/recovery of parameters and contamination control are important buying considerations.

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Biological Safety Cabinet Class II for sample and user protection in cell culture

Biological safety cabinets (BSC) precisely control the airflow of the work area and are essential in protecting your samples and for the safety of lab personnel. Safety and ergonomics are factors to consider when buying a BSC.

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For related products and workflow solutions, please see the workflow & related products section on this page.


Dedicated equipment for cell therapy manufacturing

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Best practices & contamination prevention


 Equipment best practices

Whether it is to improve processes in your laboratory, extend the life of your equipment or minimize the contamination risk, we have gathered the following top tips for your cell culture equipment. Guidelines to spin your cells in centrifuges, proper care and maintenance of your CO2 incubator, cleaning routines for your Biological Safety Cabinet and more!

Centrifuge best practices

Watch the video that presents the correct usage of General Purpose Pro centrifuges for cell culture.

  • General Purpose Pro centrifuge operation
  • Ideal parameters for cell culture
  • Choosing the right rotor
  • Programming and documentation

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Cleaning best practices for CO₂ incubators
CO2 incubator best practices

The care and maintenance of your CO₂ incubator is outlined in this technical note, including:

  • Positioning and set up
  • Reducing contamination
  • Using the right water
  • Calibration and maintenance

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How to prevent contamination in a cell culture lab

Contamination is a nightmare for every lab. You can minimize the risk of contamination with a combination of good cell culture practices, aseptic techniques, and the advanced capabilities of our lab equipment. Our outstanding contamination control technologies are designed to provide effective, convenient protection from microorganisms that threaten your valuable cultures.

Webinar: Exploring and preventing culture contamination

This webinar from Mary Kay Bates, Senior Global Cell Culture Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific covers:

  • Different types of contamination
  • How-to tips you can implement on a routine basis
  • Explore methods for contamination control in your CO₂ incubator

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Blog: Protecting your most precious cells against unplanned disasters

Kris Wronski, Cell Culture Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific, shares his experience of working in a busy cell culture lab and key factors to minimize the risk of contamination.

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Technology: Equipment features to minimize contamination

Cleanability, filtration, UV light, copper surfaces and more features help minimize contamination in your lab and protect your cells. Explore the Protection tab in the equipment features section below to learn more.

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Thermo Scientific centrifuges, CO2 incubators & biological safety cabinets, ideal for cell culture labs


Additional products and resources for every step of your cell culture workflow


Workflow resources

From sample preparation to storage, explore the steps and all products we can support you with for your cell culture application.

Thermo Fisher Scientific products for cell culture

View our cell culture poster with all essential workflow steps and products from Thermo Fisher Scientific to advance your research.

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Interactive cell culture workflow and steps

Take a virtual cell culture workflow tour, dive into each product and explore it in 3D.

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Gibco cell culture basics is a repository of training sessions, videos, and other resources covering the workflow, a learning center for the basics.

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Virtual reality capabilities

See equipment in a way you have never seen it before! With our virtual reality solutions, you can see equipment better than in reality. Additionally, we can support with lab design or give you a guided workflow tour.


Lab design

Looking to invest in new equipment? Our virtual tool will help you visualise it within your existing laboratory footprint helping you make the most of your available space based on Thermo Scientific equipment specifications.


Workflow solutions

A virtual experience to highlight critical laboratory product solutions at each step of selected workflows, such as Genomics and Cell Culture.


3D product tours

360-degree, spin, zoom, rotate, discover and interact with virtual laboratory equipment, including electronic pipettes, centrifuges, environmental chambers, and more.

Related instruments and equipment for cell culture

Discover other lab equipment essential for your cell culture workflow

Automated cell counters

Experience the convenience and power of our automated cell counters designed to meet the needs of any lab. Each compact instrument offers advanced algorithms to allow you to quickly and accurately count cells from the bench.

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Cell imaging benchtop microscopes

Powerful EVOS digital microscopes allow you to capture publication-quality images and data with just a few clicks. The EVOS line of products are versatile, compact and ideal for a broad range of imaging applications.

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Water baths

Thermo Scientific Precision General Purpose Water Baths offer enhanced temperature uniformity and stability and are easy to clean and maintain. The water baths can be used with water or thermal beads to prevent from contamination.

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Water purification systems

Thermo Scientific water purification systems offer a wide selection of purification methods, capabilities and options. For more than 130 years, Thermo Scientific lab water systems have been a trusted resource for science.

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Installation, service contracts and compliance services


Whether you require support on one instrument or a whole fleet, we provide superior services and support that get you up and running faster.

Full-service support includes:

  • Instrument and equipment installation, repair, and technical support
  • Service plans with 50% faster response time and 30% less downtime**
  • Extended warranties
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Compliance and calibration services
  • Parts, consumables, software, and accessories
  • Asset and supply management

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Additional cell culture resources



Watch our video how our General Purpose Centrifuges fit cell culture applications:

CO2 incubators

Cell Locker System video

Biological safety cabinets

SmartFlow Plus technology video


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